First Cortex-R Series Arm Processor with Integral GIC and SCU

The Cortex-R family of processors is optimized for high-performance, real-time applications. The energy-efficient and responsive Cortex-R7, which features multicore architecture, is particularly suited for demanding 4G modem and storage use cases.

Features and Benefits
Symmetric Multiprocessing Capabilities 

An integrated generic interrupt controller, snoop control unit (SCU), and timers reduce latency and enable symmetric multiprocessing in a dual core configuration, improving network performance and the user experience.

Cache Coherence

With full cache coherence through the SCU, dual core software development becomes a simpler process. Data shared between the cores is maintained so that updates are synchronized between the cores.

Hard Error Handling

If part of the level one memories in the processor fails, Cortex-R7 ensures that data is copied, and notification is sent to the application software to swap out the failed part.

Use Cases
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Wireless Modems

Wireless modems deliver higher data rates than ever before and support “carrier aggregation,” which lets wireless operators use a mix of different frequencies to reach all the devices connecting to a cell. Cortex-R7 delivers the real-time processing throughput these devices need without increasing the energy consumption.

Networking, Routers, and Access Points

Data centers need energy-efficient platforms optimized for improved performance of a variety of different workloads—ones that can be deployed and managed as cost effectively as possible. Cortex-R7 provides cost-effective, powerful support for networking, routers, and access points.

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