Licensing Arm Technology


How Does Arm Make Technology Accessible to Companies of All Sizes and Industries?

Arm creates the technology building blocks, software, and tools to develop silicon chips and specialized computing platforms that power billions of devices, applications, and services across diverse global markets. Based on each company’s needs, Arm technology licensing provides access to a broad range of IPs.

Arm technology is relevant for everyone. Every company and organization—of any shape or size and serving any industry—is a welcome participant in the Arm ecosystem.

Licensing Model Options

Arm Total Access

Arm Total Access

  • Arm’s most comprehensive range of the latest technology and tools.
  • Flexibility with choice of technology package and consumption levels.
  • Scalable subscription, including evaluation, design and manufacturing rights, and support.
  • Packages for large enterprises focused on different industry segment requirements.
Arm Flexible Access

Arm Flexible Access

  • Access to a wide portfolio of proven, trusted technology and tools.
  • Simple membership terms enabling access, design rights, and support with per-project manufacturing fees only due at tape out.
  • Pay-as-you go model, designed for startups, small, and medium enterprises.
Arm Academic Access icon

Arm Academic Access

  • Access to pre-designed packages of Arm IP for different needs.
  • More than 70 industry-proven Arm IPs, thousands of physical libraries, Arm Success Kits, online training, and more.
  • Unlimited manufacture free tape outs for academic/non-commercial research and up to 1000 units per tape out.
  • University-friendly membership agreement.

What Makes Arm Technology Licensing Essential for Silicon Innovation?

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Arm provides multiple ways to get started with fast and efficient entry points to the Arm technology portfolio for anyone building silicon. Licensing options offer packages of IP cores, tools, and models at a range of fees to meet diverse needs.

The Arm Subscription Guide describes how companies of all sizes benefit from Arm’s proven, highly performant, and efficient licensing technology, how to innovate without risk, and get to the market faster than ever.

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