See How Arm Technology Can Transform Your Products and Business

Arm technology scales from the tiniest of sensors to the largest of data centers, providing power-efficient intelligence upon which transformative applications and business models are built.

We work with our partners and an extensive ecosystem to deliver leading hardware and software solutions across markets.

Artificial Intelligence

Arm provides high-performance, efficient, and secure technologies that are the building blocks of today’s remarkable advances in artificial intelligence and opening the door to the next wave in cognitive computing as AI becomes pervasive.


Arm enables the embedded intelligence that is driving sustainable innovation at today’s car companies for an enriched driving experience that offers consumers greater fuel economy, safety, information security, and vehicle performance.


Pervasive mobile computing and highly efficient embedded intelligence are driving new modes of patient-caregiver interaction that are advancing new diagnostic and treatment options that will lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes.


Arm’s high compute density architectures are moving the power curve in data center workload efficiency with an end-to-end enterprise application platform that delivers more intelligence over faster, more agile service-based 5G networks.

Internet of Things

Arm’s unmatched ecosystem of industry partners is creating the scalable embedded intelligence and software that are enabling an agile, secure and flexible end-to-end platform for sensing, controlling and delivering business insights.


Arm’s power-efficient technology is the foundation of mobile computing. Defining both central processing and connectivity, it is the IP that makes possible today’s evolving enhanced contextual, interactive and visual user experiences.

Smart Homes

Increasing intelligence, connectivity and integration across devices is creating opportunities to transform how we interact with devices at home. More intuitive and interoperable systems save energy, increase security and lower costs.


This is the revolution you wear while enjoying new personalized experiences and realizing new forms of personal interactions with your physical and digital worlds — made possible by highly efficient processing in even the tiniest of devices.