Reliable, High-Performance Digital Storage Solutions on Arm

Arm technology powers billions of storage applications, from storage device controllers and built-in storage to hard disk drives (HDDs), consumer-grade solid-state drives (cSSDs) and enterprise-grade solid-state drives (eSSDs). With IoT technology and digitization contributing to growing datasets and increasingly complex workloads, storage drives must be built on a reliable, secure, and efficient platform.

Our verified, energy-efficient processors, system IP, and security, combined with the world’s largest partner ecosystem, enable fast, simple, and cost-effective storage development.

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Arm’s Storage Solutions Bring Value and Performance

Energy-Efficient Design

Arm’s Cortex processors and system IP offer a high-performance and energy-efficient solution that are designed for complex computing tasks for storage devices.

Trusted Partner for Success

Proven Arm technology has been integrated into billions of storage devices to-date, helping optimize development and providing a foundation for success.

Faster Time-to-Market

The combination of ready-to-run, open-source code from Linux, cloud native software technologies and Arm’s toolchain provides a foundation for fast development of storage solutions.

Improve Speed, Power Efficiency, and Scalability with Computational Storage

Organizations need the infrastructure and technology to generate, store and process data quickly, securely, and efficiently. Computational storage enables organizations to maximize the benefits of big data by putting high-performance processing power directly on the storage device. With quick and easy access to vital information and analytics, companies can improve decision-making and innovate for changing market conditions and trends.

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Arm Technology for Innovative Embedded, HDD, and SSD Storage Applications

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Arm Flexible Access offers a simple way to evaluate, prototype and design
system-on-chips (SoCs) for embedded storage, HDD drives, and both eSSD
and cSSD drives. Reduce time to market with proven IP, tools, and training.

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