Seamless, Real-Time Embedded Processors

Arm Cortex-R real-time processors offer high-performance computing solutions for embedded systems where reliability, high availability, fault tolerance, and real-time responses are needed. Cortex-R5 builds on the feature set of Cortex-R4 with enhanced error management, extended functional safety, and SoC integration features that suit it for use in deeply embedded real-time and safety-critical automotive, industrial, and mass storage systems.

Features and Benefits

Functional Safety Support

Advanced safety features, including a flexible second core for redundancy or performance, improved bus protection, and error correction code, together with a safety package, mean Cortex-R5 is ideally suited for the development of safety-critical products.

Efficient High-Performance Processing 

Dual core configuration enables twice the performance of previous Cortex-R processors within a single cluster. The CPU is capable of dual issuing of instructions and has an option vector floating point instruction extension, delivering efficient, high-performance computing.

System-Level Integration

Simplified integration of the processor with a dedicated peripheral port and an accelerator coherency port enables integration into multi-master systems, allowing data sharing with accelerators.

Cortex-R5 Block Diagram.


The Cortex-R5 processor builds on the feature set of the Cortex-R4 with enhanced error management, extended functional safety, and SoC integration features for use in deeply embedded real-time and safety-critical systems.

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Key Documentation

Cortex-R5 Technical Reference Manual
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Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

For automotive applications, Cortex-R5 processors offer features that are suitable for a wide range of automotive applications. Cortex-R5’s high-performance, real-time deterministic control is well suited for vehicle electrification applications including the traction motor and inverter controller or for battery management and charging. With both efficient power consumption and high levels of functional safety, the processor delivers solutions for these demanding applications.

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