Build a Secure IoT System-on-Chip

Designing a secure system-on-chip (SoC) is challenging and time-consuming. To help designers get to market quickly, Arm provides the IP blocks needed to build a system. Corstone is a complete solution for architecting a system with security at the heart, while balancing trade-offs between performance and power.

Introducing Arm Corstone

Arm Corstone helps designers build secure SoCs faster with the right architecture choice, integration, and verification – the perfect starting point for your SoC. Designers can use Corstone as a framework upon which to build an SoC with a subsystem that can be tailored to specific needs or used as is.

Reduce Your Time to Market

The pre-designed, pre-verified, and pre-validated subsystems significantly accelerate the development of secure SoCs, saving you time and allowing you to focus your resources on differentiation.

Security Built-in

Designed to Platform Security Architecture (PSA) principles and with options for pre-built security IP including firewalls, secure enclave and Arm TrustZone technology, Corstone saves time to market, security-in-design and reduces risk.

Components of Corstone Reference Packages

Corstone comprises processor, security and system IP, as well as software and development tools to help get to market quickly.


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Arm Corstone-1000 

Suitable for
Suitable for Embedded and IoT devices that require high performance and a rich OS:
  • Edge computing
  • Smart home gateways
  • Microprocessors (MPUs)
  • Wearables
  • Industrial IoT
Embedded and IoT devices that require a rich OS:
  • Smart home gateways
  • Edge computing
  • Industrial human-machine interfaces (HMI)
Embedded and IoT devices that require high performance, security, and AI capability:
  • High-performance micrcontrollers (MCUs)
  • Voice command and control
  • Industrial IoT

Subsystem(s) Included
Subsystem(s) Included
  • SSE-710 Subsystem (Cortex-A32, Cortex-A35 or Cortex-A53 + Cortex-M based)
  • SSE-500 Subsystem (Cortex-A5 based)
  • SSE-310 Subsystem (Cortex-M85 based)

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