Best-in-Class Performance from the Cloud to Edge with Arm Neoverse

Global infrastructure is changing rapidly to accommodate growing workloads and increasing performance demands. Optimizable for the cloud, edge, and 5G networks, Arm Neoverse delivers the speeds, energy efficiency, performance per watt and performance per dollar needed for tomorrow’s infrastructure and its customers.


The Arm Neoverse family is designed to target the full breadth of the Infrastructure market.

Neoverse V-Series: Maximum Performance

Based around a performance-first CPU, Neoverse V-series delivers maximum per core performance for systems running demanding compute- and memory-intensive applications.

Use Cases Include:
High performance computing (HPC), HPC in the cloud and AI/ML-accelerated workloads.

Neoverse N-Series: Scale Out Performance

Provides a balanced CPU design optimized to deliver both performance per watt and performance per dollar.

Use Cases Include:
Scale-out cloud, enterprise networking, smartNICs/DPUs and custom ASIC accelerators, 5G infrastructure and power and space-constrained edge locations.

Neoverse E-Series: Efficient Throughput

Supports high data throughput with minimal power consumption

Use Cases Include:
Networking data plane processor, 5G deployments for low power gateways.

Arm Neoverse Cloud-to-Edge Workload Positioning


Workload-Driven Performance 

Neoverse V-Series

Neoverse V1 offers the highest overall performance of any Neoverse CPUs. It performs exceptionally well on floating-point and vector-driven workloads commonly found in HPC and AI/ML-driven applications.
1.8x More Vector Workloads
Neoverse V1 with SVE delivers 1.8x more vector performance across a range of HPC kernels compared to Neoverse N1.
2x Better Floating-point Performance
Neoverse V1 with SVE delivers 512bits of vector processing per core, doubling the capability over Neoverse N1 with NEON.
4x Better Machine Learning Performance
New Int8 Matrix Multiplication instruction on Neoverse V1 offers up to 4x the ML processing capability of Neoverse N1.

Neoverse N-Series

The Neoverse N1 and N2 offer the broadest range of workload performance flexibility. Neoverse N2 performs well on cloud-based workloads like NGINX but is also very effective for 5G-edge applications, such as DPDK L3 forwarding.
1.4x More IPC on the SPECint®2006 Benchmark
On an unloaded system with all CPU resources available to a single thread, Neoverse V1 delivers +40% more IPC than Neoverse N1 on the SPECint2006 benchmark.
1.3x Higher Throughput on NGINIX Application
When configured as a web server or a reverse proxy server, Neoverse N2 delivers 30% higher transaction throughput over Neoverse N1 on the popular NGINIX application.
1.2x More Throughput on DPDK L3 Fwd

On DPDK L3 forward packet processing the Neoverse N2 core delivers 20% more throughput than Neoverse N1.

Processors Designed and Optimized for a Scalable Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure

Neoverse V1

A performance-first tier targeting HPC, HPC in the Cloud and AI/ML-accelerated applications.
  • Arm’s first SVE implementation for the HPC market, with 2x floating and 4x ML uplift over Neoverse N1
  • Expands market-leading performance with 50% IPC uplift over Neoverse N1

Neoverse N2

Leading performance efficiency for Cloud-to-Edge infrastructure
  • Market leading scalability and versatility
  • Significant 40% IPC performance improvement over Neoverse N1
  • Armv9 introduces key features for performance (SVE2) and security (MTE)

Neoverse N1

Accelerating the transformation to a Scalable Cloud to Edge Infrastructure
  • Revolutionary compute performance
  • Platform features specific to Infrastructure 
  • Designed for extreme range of scale and diversity of compute

Neoverse E1

Empowering the Infrastructure to Meet Next Generation Throughput Demands
  • Intelligent design for highly efficient throughput 
  • Fully leverages diverse Arm software ecosystem 
  • Highly scalable throughput for edge to core data transport
Industry Solutions

Support for a Broad Range of Infrastructure Workloads

Cloud Computing

Cloud customers are experiencing up to 40% improved price performance over comparable traditional architecture-based instances on a broad range of workload.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil & gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.


To deliver on performance and versatility, 5G requires a more complex and robust infrastructure. Arm delivers technology for building faster, low-latency 5G networks.

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