A CPU Foundation for the AI-Driven Datacenter

The Arm Neoverse V3 CPU is built to deliver maximum performance for cloud applications, high performance computing (HPC), and machine learning (ML) workloads. Neoverse V3 delivers double-digit performance improvements over Neoverse V2 on cloud and ML applications. It is the first Neoverse CPU to support the Arm Confidential Computing Architecture.

Features and Benefits

The Fastest Neoverse CPU Ever

Neoverse V3 is Arm’s fastest CPU on key workloads such as database, caching, machine learning, and more.

A Platform Built for AI

The Neoverse V3 platform provides a large and fast memory subsystem, high-speed die-to-die links, and Arm’s fastest Neoverse CPU, making it a perfect platform for AI accelerator development.

Next-Generation Security

Neoverse V3 is the first CPU to support the Arm Confidential Compute Architecture, delivering highly secure, memory-encrypted, cloud VMs.

Arm Neoverse V3 Specification


Arm Neoverse V3 is the perfect platform for developing AI accelerators and it offers the highest single-threaded performance on cloud and HPC applications.

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Key Documentation
Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life  

High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse architectures on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil & gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.

Cloud Computing

More customers are shifting their workloads in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Genomics, Oil & Gas, and EDA to the cloud. Arm Neoverse offers excellent performance throughput and value.

Artificial Intelligence

Neoverse V-Series are the best Arm cores for accelerating AI/ML-assisted workloads, helping keep specialized computing resources fed quickly with data.

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