Physical Implementation for POP IP

Physical implementation is required to take a processor from RTL to silicon. This step ¬– optimizing power, performance, area and cost – is crucial but can be complex, time -consuming, and costly.


Arm POP (Processor Optimized Package) IP leverages our market-leading processor knowledge with physical IP products to deliver the most efficient and highest-performance Arm processor implementations for our licensees. This powerful, combined solution accelerates core hardening so designers can spend more time on SoC and software integration and get to market faster.

Features and Benefits

The development of Arm Physical and POP IP has yielded proven results for partners worldwide with benefits that include: 

Superior Performance and Energy Efficiency 

Developed through a tightly coupled collaboration across Arm engineering in an iterative process, Arm Physical IP and implementation identifies the optimal performance and energy results for Arm cores.

Advanced Deep Submicron SoC Designs

Leveraging Artisan physical IP, Arm POP IP addresses implementing challenges of new cores at advanced process nodes to guide the designers quickly through their implementation.

Time-to-Market Acceleration

Arm POP IP is core-hardening acceleration technology for the best silicon results, enabling our partners to bring their products to volume faster.

Software Enablement

Arm RTL and physical IP architects work together to ensure on-chip programmable options are available to manipulate via software.

Market Applications for Physical IP 

Arm Physical and POP IP are developed working in tight collaboration with Arm’s architecture team to ensure accurate, reliable design outcomes:


Safety Ready solutions built with certified physical IP with support for ISO standards

Consumer Devices

Solutions enable faster adoption of Arm cores and industry leading PPA on the latest process nodes


Cloud-to-edge physical IP solutions deliver the highest performance implementations

Featured Products

Ease implementation challenges for advanced nodes to accelerate core hardening and speed SoC implementation.



POP IP is optimized for a given market segment, for a particular Arm CPU or cluster of cores, on a technology process node using a collection of optimized Arm Artisan Physical IP.

Artisan Physical IP

Arm Artisan physical IP platforms include Logic IP and supporting Architect products, Embedded Memory Compilers, and Interface IP. Together, these products ease implementation challenges for advanced nodes to accelerate core hardening and speed SoC implementation.

Physical Implementation Services

Arm offers a range of options for physical implementation to suit your needs, starting from best practice guidelines in the iRM, through to comprehensive physical implementation services and Arm POP IP technology.

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