Accelerate Complex SoC Designs

Arm is the industry’s leading supplier of foundation physical IP and processor implementation solutions to address the performance, power and cost requirements for all application markets. With design enablement platforms supported on 18 foundry partners, Arm Artisan physical IP is the most trusted and widely used provider with more than 10 billion ICs being shipped annually.

Artisan physical IP platforms include Logic IP and supporting Architect products, Embedded Memory Compilers, and Interface IP optimized for each foundry and process technology from 250nm to 5nm. These productions combined with POP IP and Architect products ease implementation challenges for advanced nodes to accelerate core hardening, speed SoC implementation and reduce project risks for IC design.

Market Focus

Custom physical IP for each market segment - Auto, IoT, Client/Consumer, and Infrastructure

Foundry and Process Specific

More than 10 billion integrated circuits (ICs) on a wide range of foundries and processes shipped by Arm partners every year

Arm Core Optimization

POP IP optimizes CPU/GPU/ML processor implementation with best-in-class PPA and accelerated time-to-market

Superior Performance and Energy Efficiency 

The Artisan Physical IP and the optimized implementation delivered with POP IP are developed through a tightly coupled collaboration with Arm’s processor development teams. This iterative process identifies optimal performance and energy in the logic and memory architecture and the implementation flows.

Advanced Deep Submicron SoC Designs

Artisan Standard Cell Libraries enable implementation of advanced power management techniques, and is a cost-effective solution for design modifications. Artisan Standard Cells and SRAM, Register File and ROM Memory Compilers deliver optimized performance, power and area results. Artisan I/Os have the smallest footprint and a single layout for staggered and inline implementation.

Time-to-Market Acceleration

POP IP is core-hardening acceleration technology for producing the best Arm processor implementations in the fastest time-to-market. Architect products ease implementation challenges and provide differentiation for the underlying Artisan IP.

Featured Products


Arm POP IP technology leverages our market-leading processor knowledge with our Artisan Physical IP products to deliver the most efficient and highest performance Arm Cortex processor implementations for our licensees. Arm currently offers POP IP for a wide range of Arm processor cores including Cortex-A and Cortex-M CPUs and Arm Mali GPUs.

Embedded Memory
Embedded Memory

Artisan Embedded Memory IP includes an array of silicon proven SRAM, Register File and ROM memory compilers for all types of SoC designs ranging from performance critical to cost sensitive and low power applications.

Interface IP
Interface IP

Arm offers a broad portfolio of silicon-proven Interface IP designed to meet varying system architectures and standards required for today's SoC. The broad array of General Purpose I/O is optimized for the best performance and most solid ESD protection.

These robust interface products are available at a wide range of different foundries and broad spectrum of process technologies.

Logic IP and Architect
Logic IP and Architect

Artisan Logic IP solutions are the ideal choice for advanced, deep submicron SoC designs. The Standard Cell Libraries are complemented by Power Management Kit and ECO Kit extensions, delivering optimal performance, power and area results.


Artisan Architect products for Logic IP ease implementation challenges for select advance nodes to reduce power, improve sign-off conditions and save design time.

Physical Implementation
Physical Implementation

Arm offers a range of options for physical implementation to suit your needs, starting from best practice guidelines in the iRM, through to comprehensive physical implementation services and Arm POP IP technology.

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