Fastest Path to Production Silicon with World-Leading Performance, on Leading-Edge Technology

Pressure on today’s computing infrastructure is driving the need for specialized processing across cloud, AI, 5G, and networking markets. With Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS), Arm delivers validated, performance-optimized compute on a leading-edge foundry process, so Arm’s infrastructure partners can focus scarce silicon design resources on building differentiated, market-customized solutions.

Features and Benefits

Fastest Path to Production Silicon

With Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS), Arm delivers a proven, verified compute subsystem that can reduce risk, lower NRE, and accelerate CPU time to market by up to one year. Together with SystemReady SR compliance, Neoverse CSS helps enable a software ecosystem that just works.

Customizable, World-Class Performance

Neoverse CSS takes Arm Neoverse platform IP and optimizes it for performance, power, and area using a leading-edge foundry process. Customers can customize Neoverse CSS with on-chip or off-chip accelerators for performance-per-watt optimized specialized computing.

Leading Edge Technology

Neoverse CSS delivers the roadmap of Armv9 features and Neoverse technologies out of the box – Arm Confidential Compute, AMBA CHI C2C, Arm Scalable Matrix Extensions, and more. Neoverse CSS also provides system management, power management, and platform software support.

Neoverse CSS Customer Value

Arm Neoverse CSS delivers customer value by performing more of the non-differentiated but necessary steps in bringing customized silicon to market. Neoverse CSS customers have reported significant benefits from this unique engagement with Arm, including:


Months from Kick-off to Working Silicon


Engineering Years Saved

Components of a Neoverse Compute Subsystem

Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems include Neoverse cores, CMN mesh, and system IP, as well as system management, power management, software and development tools needed to deliver performance-optimized compute to market quickly.

Specialized Processing with Performance-Optimized Compute

Neoverse CSS product verified and performance-validated for fastest time to market.

Neoverse CSS V3

The high-performance Arm Neoverse V3 platform is configured and verified by Arm for cloud, HPC, and AI/ML workloads.
  • Up to 64 high-performance Neoverse V3 cores per die.
  • Offers a highly customizable, high-performance memory subsystem.
  • Supports high-speed, low-latency AI accelerator attachment options.

Neoverse CSS N3

The Arm Neoverse N3 platform, validated and optimized by Arm, is helping reduce time-to-market, cost, and risk.
  • Highly configurable to target 5G, enterprise networking, and infrastructure edge use cases.
  • Supports from 8 to 32 Neoverse N3 cores per die.

Neoverse CSS N2

The market leading performance-per-watt of the Arm Neoverse N2 platform, delivered as a fully verified, customizable compute subsystem.
  • Up to 64 Neoverse N2 cores in a 5nm advanced process.
  • Up to 1MB L2 private cache per core and up to 64MB shared system-level cache.
  • Up to 8x DDR5 40b or LPDDR5 channels.
  • Up to 4x x16 PCIe/CXL Gen5 lanes.
Arm total design ecosystem

Arm Total Design

Arm Total Design is an ecosystem of industry leaders collaborating to accelerate and simplify the development of Arm Neoverse CSS-based systems. It provides partners with preferential access to Arm Neoverse CSS, pre-integrated IP and EDA tools, design services, foundry support, and commercial software and firmware support.

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