Arm Education

Arm Education, comprising the Arm University Program and Arm Education Media, works with academic and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development through computing. Providing educational materials from Arm and its ecosystem, Arm Education empowers accelerated learning and helps you learn, design and build with success.

The Arm University Program helps faculty teach the latest from Arm and its ecosystem, via Education Kits that provide teaching materials and technologies in the areas of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Arm Education Media enables learning through textbooks and online courses, allowing students, hobbyists and aspiring or practicing engineers to close the skills gap between school and workplace, and to keep up with the latest industry developments.

Education Kits

Enabling teaching through free resources, allowing faculty to access the latest technologies from Arm and our ecosystem partners.

Subject to a qualification process and hardware platform availability, Education Kits are donated free-of-charge to faculty worldwide to use in their courses. The kits typically include a full set of teaching materials, as well as seed hardware kits and licenses for professional software development tools.

Online Courses

Helping students, hobbyists and aspiring or practicing engineers learn about state of the art technologies from the Arm ecosystem.

Each modular online course includes lecture slides, hands on lab videos with solutions and interactive quizzes. The courses provide an understanding of Arm-based techniques and the principles of software and hardware system design. Note that some courses require hardware and software tools, which must be purchased separately.


Combining strong theoretical underpinnings with practical application using state of the art technologies from the Arm ecosystem. 

Featuring learning outcome-driven pedagogy, with student progress measurable via chapter-based exercises, textbooks are suitable for adoption for core courses in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and related areas.