Group Procurement and Suppliers at Arm

Arm Group Procurement is a global gateway for third parties to become Suppliers. Group Procurement is a category-driven and centre-led function that supports all business units, enterprise functions, and geographies. Group Procurement is responsible for designing and delivering the full range of supply-base projects and solutions, implementing best practices, systems and controls to support strategic goals.

Responsible Procurement

Arm Group Procurement covers category planning, source to contract (including outsourcing), contract and supplier management and P2P transactional activities for products, goods and or services.

Arm Procurement processes are designed to align with our Responsible Procurement principles.

"Responsible Procurement for Arm is leading the purchase of products, goods and/or services that are legal and comply with applicable regulations; being transparent, fair, environmentally and socially responsible and ethical. We strive to work with suppliers who share the same commitments and values, effectively balancing and achieving mutual and optimal value, and maintaining a mindset that is open to continuous improvements."

Senior Director, Group Procurement, Arm


Working with Arm

Responsible Procurement for Arm relates to all our interactions and dealings with potential and current suppliers. If you are providing products, goods and or services to Arm across multiple geographies, please review our guidance for each geography.

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Supplier Governance and Policies

We communicate best practices and how they relate to Suppliers through our policies and other important documents. Arm participates in the UN Global Compact (UNGC). We are proud to be part of the UNGC, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. This initiative asks companies to embrace, support, and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of core values. These values and principles are supported by 21 advanced criteria, covering the areas of strategy, governance, engagement, human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, UN goals and issues. We encourage our suppliers to support best practices and our policies or adopt their own codes and or policies which include expectations similar to ours.

Policies and Important Documents
Resources and Supporting Documents

Becoming an Arm Supplier

Arm selects suppliers that best fit and can meet our business needs and requirements through competitive sourcing.

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