Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of Arm’s ethics and compliance program and a valuable source of information for everyone at Arm and anyone doing business with Arm. Our Code provides us with the tools and knowledge to make important judgement calls when faced with ethical challenges in our day-to-day business and helps all of us understand our role and responsibilities for compliance at Arm.


Simon Segars "At Arm, our Core Beliefs guide us on how we behave and operate as part of the broader global community. Our Arm Code of Conduct supports how we manage our business in a responsible way consistent with our Core Beliefs."

Simon Segars, CEO
Carolyn Herzog"Our Code of Conduct is an important resource that should be actively referenced and used by members of the Arm community. This document not only provides guidance on many of the issues you might face at work, but also translates legal and regulatory requirements into the behaviors that we expect of all Arm employees, directors, contractors and agents. At the highest level, it aligns required business practices with Arm’s values."

Carolyn Herzog, EVP, General Counsel. Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary


Review our Code of Conduct to learn more about our ethical business practices.