Accelerating AI Everywhere, From Cloud to Edge.

AI is the biggest technology revolution of our time. Arm’s energy efficient foundations and pervasive footprint from cloud to edge, makes us the AI platform the world will rely on, both today and in the future.

As new AI applications emerge daily across all markets, from the edge to AI-first data centers, Arm is already the trusted foundation to help the ecosystem tackle AI compute challenges, while enabling the developer ecosystem to deploy at pace.

Efficiently Enabling AI Workloads on Arm


On-Device Generative AI

The arrival of sophisticated Generative AI models has sparked a new wave of innovation, and offer an opportunity for technology step change.

Arm’s compute platform offers the efficient and highest-performing capabilities, which enable GenAI to run on phones, PCs and datacenters.

AI Inference

With the rise in number of AI applications, there will be an exponential increase in the need for AI inference capabilities. Arm CPUs provide the technology foundations for inference to run on all compute touchpoints, bringing AI into the hands of billions of people around the world.

Accelerated AI on the CPU: The Foundation For Energy-Efficient AI

AI-enabled Arm CPUs are already providing the foundation of AI globally. Our ubiquity is unrivalled, and the number of AI-enabled chips shipped each quarter is increasing.

Our platforms offer an energy-efficient foundation for AI. Our energy-efficient DNA enabled the smartphone revolution, and when using Arm broadly, companies save upwards of 15% of their power.

Our success today and tomorrow is due to the unstoppable innovation on the Arm architecture, where we continually add more capabilities that enable Arm CPUs to run AI workloads. Armv9 continues to enhance CPU architecture features that will accelerate AI innovation.


Arm’s Heterogeneous Solutions Offer a Path to Customization

We know that developers target 70% of AI workloads in third-party applications in the smartphone space on the Arm CPUs, as it’s flexible, ubiquitous, and portable. But there are some workloads that benefit from an heterogenous AI approach, which implements accelerators such as GPUs and NPUs.

Arm’s heterogenous AI encourages customization, choice and flexibility whether you’re integrating with Arm’s GPUs (such as Arm Mali and Arm Immortalis), Arm Ethos NPUs, or partner solutions (such as NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper and Grace Blackwell), so you can seamlessly complement our CPUs to achieve accelerated ML.

Arm technology is crucial to enabling AI to happen everywhere.

Richard Grisenthwaite

We’ve invested in technologies that enable flexible compute solutions that balance efficiency and performance to match your workloads wherever they are running. Whether it’s features that equip our CPUs and GPUs, or the continued development of the Arm Ethos NPUs, we continue to make strategic investments that enable AI in future devices.

- Richard Grisenthwaite, EVP Chief Architect, Arm

Enabling the Developer Ecosystem to Deploy at Pace

Software developers are at the heart of AI innovation. Whether they are experimenting to gain insights via audio, visual or text-based data or leveraging generative AI, they need to trust they can deploy their AI-based workloads in the most efficient way, on widely available platforms, with the confidence that code and data will run securely.

Arm is accelerating this transformation, enabling rapid and trusted AI innovation by integrating with major operating systems and AI frameworks, to ensure seamless delivery of performance and efficiency in every use case.

As the foundational architecture for over 280 billion digital devices globally, with the widest choice of hardware platforms at many price points, Arm delivers efficiency without compromising performance and provides a consistent, supported and security-backed foundation for running current and future AI workloads everywhere.

Mark Hambleton, SVP Software, Arm

Software developers are the driving force in delivering the digital solutions of the future, and a large proportion of those solutions will leverage AI. We work across our broad ecosystem of partners, and in thousands of collaborative software projects to provide an easy-to-use software toolbox for AI workloads. We contribute to all the key enabling projects to provide an essential framework for accelerating AI innovation and performance on Arm, enabling AI from endpoint to cloud.

- Mark Hambleton, SVP Software, Arm

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