The Compute Foundation for AI-Powered Consumer Experiences


Arm Compute Subsystems (CSS) for Client addresses the ever-increasing need for more efficient compute by delivering a compute foundation that brings together the latest Arm compute IP and production-ready physical implementations on advanced process nodes to enable partners to build best-in-class consumer solutions. With CSS for Client, Arm helps reduce the development effort and time to market for silicon partners, while providing the scalability to build differentiated, market-customized solutions.

Features and Benefits

Fastest Path to Silicon

Integration, validation, and optimization of latest Arm compute IP and technologies for reduced SoC development effort.

Production-ready Arm Physical Implementations for leading-edge process nodes.

Best-In-Class PPA

Leading performance and power efficiency for next-generation smartphone and PC devices. Our new physical implementations enable Arm’s client partners to fully realize RTL performance improvements in silicon.


Arm CSS for Client is a scalable platform for most powerful device form factors. The scalable Arm DynamIQ Shared Unit, Arm DSU-120, DSU-120 allows CPU cluster configurations of up to 14 cores per DSU cluster, scaling the performance of every device—from premium mobile smartphones to Arm-based PCs.

Components of Arm CSS for Client

Arm CSS for Client includes the latest Armv9.2 Cortex CPU cluster, the Immortalis GPU, Arm CoreLink system IP, and new Arm Physical Implementations to enable Arm partners to bring best-in-class compute solutions to market.

CSS for Client

Arm Cortex CPUs

New 2nd generation Armv9.2 CPU cluster with our most performant Cortex-X925 CPU alongside our most efficient Cortex-A725 CPU, and a refreshed Cortex-A520 CPU to achieve new levels of efficiency on 3nm.

Arm Immortalis GPU

All-new 5th Gen Arm GPU family that includes Immortalis-G925 for premium mobile, along with Arm Mali-G725 and Arm Mali-G625 for mass-market mobile.

Developer Software

The CSS Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) with Android reference software stack enables partners to bring up software early. Software optimizations and new AI libraries unlock CSS performance through software.

Arm CoreLink System IP

System integration and expansion with Arm CoreLink CI-700. The integrated system-level cache (SLC) enables optimum system power efficiency by reducing DRAM BW and memory access.

Arm CoreLink SMMU-700 enables stage 2-based security to support virtualized security frameworks, such as the Android Virtualization Framework (AVF).

Arm Physical Implementations

CSS for Client introduces production ready, hardened CPU and GPU core implementations optimized on 3nm. These are available on multiple foundries supporting greater flexibility for our partners. Leverages innovative CSS RTL improvements to deliver best-in-class PPA on 3nm chips.

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Performance Acceleration for AI Developers

To scale the AI opportunity, developers need access to rapid methods of AI deployment, together with optimal performance for the most demanding next-generation workloads. Arm Kleidi provides the key to effortless AI acceleration on Arm for every developer, every model, and every workload.

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Cortex-X925 is the next-generation Cortex-X CPU and the fastest CPU on Arm. It delivers ultimate performance for next-generation smartphones and PC devices.

Arm Cortex-A725


Second-generation Armv9.2 premium efficiency CPU, providing sustained performance in a constrained power envelope.

Arm Immortalis-G925


Immortalis-G925 is Arm’s latest flagship GPU, based on the Arm 5th Gen architecture, designed to provide the best gaming and AI experience on next-generation flagship smartphones.



A high-efficiency, top-performing Armv9.2 CPU tuned to background and light-weight workloads for increased battery life and scalability in the consumer technology market.