Scalable Interconnect for Multiple Use Cases

The Arm CoreLink CI-700 Coherent Interconnect is a highly configurable and scalable interconnect for multiple mobile computing use cases from energy efficient to high performance devices. It provides a fully coherent, system-level cache and snoop filter for improved energy efficiency and system performance.

Features and Benefits 

Configurable for Any Use Case

Highly configurable and scalable from small low-power to very high-performance solutions, such as mainstream to premium-level smartphones and laptops.

Enhanced Performance for Memory Tagging Extensions (MTE)

CoreLink CI-700 enhances performance when using MTE. MTE tags in system-level cache reduces overall memory accesses.

AMBA Protocol Support

Supports AMBA CHI issue E and AMBA AXI issue H protocols for robust architecture and security features.

Use Cases

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As one of the most prolific pieces of technology, smartphones are the world's dynamic personal computers, connecting more than 4 billion people. Arm develops the CPU technology that powers everything in the smartphone.

Smart Homes

The home contains more and more smart devices, such as smart TVs and rich media devices. CoreLink CI-700 brings system coherency features to all home-based devices.

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