Smart Homes


Valued content anywhere

With more than 55% of consumer devices powered by Arm IP, Arm is the architecture of choice for both mobile and non-mobile content-rich consumer devices.


Diversity of solutions

The Arm partnership scales to meet the diverse needs of home applications, from the tiniest of sensors to the most engaging of multimedia devices, such as smart TVs.


Evolving consumer interactions

Consumer experiences are transforming through the utilization of increased intelligence enabled by power-efficient Arm architectures.


Building smarter home automation

Smart home technologies improve efficiencies, increase security and reduce costs. More power-efficient connectivity and device management powers better deployments.

Content Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Content Accessible Anywhere
Working in partnership to expand possibilities

Arm provides the technology foundation that enables consumers to access, enjoy, and interact with the latest premium content across all screen types, anywhere, anytime. We work in partnership with studios and content producers on leading standards for next generation content experiences on DTVs, set top boxes and mobile devices. Arm processors and multimedia technologies provide the balance of performance and efficiency for Ultra HD content, enabling improved dynamic range, increased frame rate and superior spatial resolution.

Great content also requires great content protection. The Arm TrustZone security technology scales across device types to allow our partners to meet these new requirements for crypto, key management and media path protection.

Consumer Choice Built on Diversity

Consumer Choice is Built on Diversity
Ecosystem of partners meets individual needs

In 2015 there were over 100 million smart TVs, set top boxes and over-the-top boxes powered by Arm IP. Arm’s Mali graphics processor is the number one graphics processing unit (GPU) in smart TVs and OTT devices. The success of Arm in the home market is possible due to the talent of the Arm ecosystem as well as the scalability and flexibility of the Arm architecture.

This is proved by the large number of diverse silicon products our partners produce with Arm IP combined with their own market and technology expertise. Just as important are the Arm software ecosystem that enables products to get to market quickly and the breadth of applications that offers a consistent consumer experience across multiple Arm-based platforms.

For Consumers, It's All About the Experience

All About the Experience
Enabling transformational interactions

One of the most significant transformations in the home over the coming years will be how the interactions between users and devices get much simpler. Remote controls are being replaced by voice commands and gestures, taps are replacing complicated menus, and vision recognition and machine intelligence will increasingly hide complex processes from users.

More advanced levels of interaction require increasing capabilities from general-purpose processors, connectivity and specialized machine intelligence. Some of these will use off the shelf components, some custom SoCs. Learn more about Arm’s solutions for custom SoC development.

Combined with our Arm Cardio radio IP for connectivity and Apical image processing technology, we are providing the building blocks on which creative application and services developers can evolve enhanced consumer interactions.

The Evolving Smart Home

Evolving Smart Home
Connecting intelligence across the home

A smart home is a complex system that requires diverse technology components and advanced software, all at a consumer cost point and ease-of-use. Devices must not only connect to one another, and to cloud systems, but also anticipate evolving services and enhanced automation capabilities.

Arm Cordio solutions enable partners to build on Bluetooth and other connectivity standards for a broad range of connected devices. Our image signal processing and vision technologies are powering home vision sensors to expertly detect objects and human faces. Connecting all this intelligence to the cloud and managing deployments, our mbed platform software securely provisions and manages devices for evolving services.


Custom SoCs with
Arm DesignStart

Some manufacturers are designing custom chips to reduce component costs and increase functionality. Design your custom chip with confidence and accelerate time-to-market: explore Arm’s solutions for custom SoC development.

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