Secure, Connected Smart Home Automation on Arm

The home is going through a transformation. Smart home devices such as thermostats, lighting, appliances, and smart TVs are becoming powerful systems that help us make more informed and effective choices about energy consumption, security, and comfort.

Arm and our world-leading ecosystem are providing the building blocks for intelligent connected smart home solutions that unlock a huge market opportunity for the entire value chain and truly transform how consumers manage and interact with their homes.

Arm and the Matter Protocol

To achieve the scale required to meet the growth opportunity for smart homes, critical standards are coming together to enable the frictionless deployment of secure endpoint-to-cloud solutions. In an important milestone on this journey, the Connectivity Standards Alliance – with which Arm has collaborated for years – has released the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program.

Read how Arm is working closely with the Alliance to ensure the Arm ecosystem is ready to support OEMs and other product developers in building Matter-compliant devices, including a current project with the Matter CI team to explore the integration of Arm Virtual Hardware into the Matter CI/CD infrastructure.

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Arm IP Powers Rich Media Devices

Smart TVs: The Hub of the Connected Home

One of the central features of smart homes and buildings is the smart TV, or digital TVs (DTV), which today contains more high-performance compute than ever. If you own a smart TV, chances are it’s powered by Arm processing and graphics technology that has helped make these entertainment systems indispensable for consumers.

Arm Cortex-A and Mali graphics processors make up a sizable number of the DTV market. Over 95 percent of smart TVs are based on the Cortex-A family of processors, while 80 percent of smart TVs shipped today are based on Mali GPUs.

Ecosystem-Driven Innovation

We are partnering with companies across the entire smart home value chain to improve the device experience for users and to ensure homes are connected and secure.

Privacy Through AI-based Voice Control for Home Automation

Digital or voice assistants have found their way into the lives of people for everyday activity in homes, offices, and hotels. Learn how ProKNX, a dynamic IoT start-up, is enabling privacy through their AI-based voice-controlled smart home assistant that doesn’t require either the cloud or an internet connection to function.

Multi-Standard Communication for the Connected Home

ConcurrentConnect technology from Qorvo enables seamless operation of multiple smart home devices that are connected via different networks without performance loss. Qorvo’s solution opens the door for OEMs to easily deploy ML-enabled home automation devices across multiple radio networks.

The New Interactive TV Experience

Interactivity is becoming an integral part of the TV experience, from how users consume content and streaming services to new “choose your own adventure shows” and gaming directly on the device. In this Arm Viewpoints episode, we discuss how these new opportunities can be met via the growing TV market.

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