AR, VR and XR Compute to Power the Metaverse

The vision behind the metaverse is extraordinary. It promises to be the next evolution of the internet, creating a more immersive and interactive online experience via XR (extended reality) where users can do almost anything – from get-togethers with friends and family, learning, working, shopping, creating, gaming, and even entirely new experiences not yet possible on today’s devices.


Arm is the gateway to the metaverse for millions of users worldwide, providing the compute capabilities for consumer gateway devices – be that a smartphone or standalone XR wearable device, like VR headsets or future AR smartglasses – that act as entry points for metaverse experiences.

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The Future of AR

Arm’s leadership in high performance, low-power specialized processors is ideal for future experiences on AR smart glasses that will transform everyday lives in the future, from more immersive entertainment and gaming to navigation and translation.

Making XR a Reality with our Ecosystem Partners

Oculus Quest
Oculus logo

The Arm-powered Oculus Quest brings untethered VR gaming experiences to life.
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Microsoft HoloLens 2
Microsoft Hololens logo

The Microsoft MR headset, HoloLens 2, is built on an Arm-based platform, providing performance and power efficiency benefits across diverse use cases, from entertainment to enterprise.
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VividQ logo

Arm collaborated with VividQ to help bring its holographic display technology for truly immersive AR graphics on mobile.
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FastTravel Games
Fast Travel Games Logo
Arm helped exclusive games developer Fast Travel Games move its award-winning VR game ‘Apex Construct’ from console and PC to mobile.
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Unity Logo
Arm’s partnership with Unity is helping to drive the development of XR applications on mobile.
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Arm IP Powering XR Experiences

Use Cases Across Diverse Sectors

XR is already enhancing a range of use cases on wearable and mobile devices, with Arm technology at the heart of these diverse compute experiences. These use cases continue to advance, particularly through the metaverse.


Gaming represents a huge market for AR and VR, with Arm technology enabling these experiences on wearable and mobile devices.

Video: FastTravel Games brings their award-winning game, Apex Construct, to mobile VR


AR and VR are transforming healthcare, including how patients are treated and how health professionals are trained.

Video: VR is a lifesaving tool, injecting hope back into life with virtual healing powers


VR is transforming the education sector through a range of tools and experiences that benefit teachers and students.

Video: Inclusion training made virtual with this empathy-enhancing tool for teachers


AR wearable devices and applications improve productivity and provide significant time and cost savings to companies worldwide.

Video: Layers of Reality with AR


VR is providing new ways for people to socialize and meet via innovative new virtual platforms.

Video: Immersive Experiences with Virtual Reality


VR is helping people with special needs experience different virtual environments to prepare them for everyday lives in the real world.

Video: Feedback and Simulation

Making VR Easy for Developers

Arm’s best practice guides help developers bring new VR-based applications and experiences to life.


Total Compute Solutions for Next-Gen XR Experiences and Wearable Devices

Whether it’s premium solutions to power XR-based applications and experiences on premium smartphones or efficiency solutions that provide power efficiency benefits for XR wearable devices, Arm’s Total Compute solutions are powering next-gen immersive experiences.

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