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Born more than 30 years ago with the goal of designing a computer intended to run on a battery, Arm’s DNA is built around power-efficient CPUs.  Today, Arm compute platforms are the most power-efficient on the planet and continue to push the thresholds of performance to enable the next generation of smart, AI-capable, visually immersive, and increasingly autonomous experiences on everything from the tiniest sensors to the smartphone to the automobile and to the datacenter. This unique combination of performance and efficiency enabled Arm to change the world by fueling the smartphone revolution - and it's the reason Arm will power every technology revolution moving forward.

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The World Leader in CPU Technology

The World Leader in CPU Technology

Across industries, Arm technology is building the future of computing. We architect, develop, and license high-performance, low-cost, and energy-efficient IP solutions for CPUs, GPUs, NPUs and interconnect technologies, relied on by many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and OEMs to develop their products.  

In short, Arm licenses the instruction sets for modern chips to partners, who then make chips with customizations for their unique applications. Our trusted computing platforms deliver the right combination of common software standards and foundational hardware building blocks, giving our partners unmatched flexibility in bringing innovative, specialized processing to their products while enabling differentiation where it truly matters. 

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Our Unique Advantage Proof Points

Our Unique Advantage

Arm-based platforms are trusted, verified and tested, and supported by an unmatched global community of software developers empowered to create on top of them. Together with a success-based business model designed to fuel innovation, Arm is uniquely positioned at the center of the world's largest technology ecosystem.

We offer a range of ways for partners to license Arm technology: Partners can license individual products or take advantage of the freedom to evaluate and test across our entire range via the Arm Total Access and Arm Flexible Access programs.

Discover more about the benefits of working with Arm technology, why our architecture is ideal for your next project, and how Arm makes it easy to license our world-class IP.

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of the world's population uses Arm-based products


Arm-based chips shipped to date


of smartphones run on Arm-based processors


of all chips with processors are Arm-based

Our History

With a history that spans more than 30 years of innovation and discovery, Arm has become a global computing platform, with technology that touches more than 70 percent of the world’s population. Discover how the vision of 12 founding Arm members working out of a Cambridge barn changed the world in our recent blog on Arm’s global success.

More than 30 Years of Innovation & Discovery

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Our Commitment to a Brighter Future


See how Arm is fulfilling its goal to unlock the power of technology to build a better world for everyone.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Discover how Arm is committed to creating an inclusive environment for our diverse, global workforce.

Global Public Policy

Learn more about how Arm works with the world’s policy makers on key issues that impact technology builders everywhere.

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