Is the Future in There?

Arm technology is everywhere technology matters, from sensors to smartphones to supercomputers. If the question is whether Arm technology is in there, now and in the future, the answer is probably ‘yes.’


Our energy-efficient compute platforms are foundational to the world’s most advanced technology and the future of AI computing. Together with our vast global technology ecosystem, we are already changing the world for a better tomorrow. The future is built on Arm.

At Arm we have been thinking about the future ever since we began.

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Reinventing the Future Together

Innovators are using technology to change lives for the better, transforming how we work,
how we play, and how we connect with one another. Our partners are building the future,
powering AI to work for everyone, everywhere.

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The Future of AI is Built on Arm

Arm is the AI compute foundation for the world.


Our platform solutions fast-track time to market for AI technologies in all connected markets. Arm CPUs are already being used by technology companies everywhere to run AI, ensuring performance efficiencies and broad support for rapid, frictionless deployment at scale.


Accelerating Tech Transformation in the AI Era


Making the AI potential a reality requires AI innovation from cloud to edge.

Discover the vital elements that will accelerate the AI journey.

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The Future of Infrastructure is Built on Arm

Arm is consistently at the heart of solving the world’s most complex compute challenges.


We deliver the foundational compute platforms that are enabling more innovation than ever before and providing software ecosystem leadership to more than 50,000 companies deploying mission-critical workloads.

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The Future of Automotive is Built on Arm

As the automotive market goes through unprecedented transformation, facing increased demand for autonomy, more advanced user experiences than ever before, and the trend towards electrification, Arm is at the center of its success.


We are accelerating automotive development and unlocking new opportunities for leading companies that are building the future of software-defined vehicles on Arm.

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The Future of IoT is Built on Arm

AI data processing workloads at the IoT edge are transforming use cases and experiences in every industry.


As AI adoption grows, the ecosystem is converging on Arm as the platform of choice to take innovation to the next level, from the smallest microcontrollers to the high-performance systems of the future.

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The Future of Consumer Devices is Built on Arm

As the most ubiquitous mobile compute platform leader in efficient compute, Arm enables industry-leading companies of all sizes to deliver life-changing products, services, and experiences on mobile devices, laptops, DTVs, wearables, and more.

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A Trusted Ecosystem for Innovation

Arm brings together the world’s largest open computing ecosystem that is now responsible for shipping more than 280 billion Arm-based chips across diverse applications and markets, from sensors to smartphones to supercomputers.


These partners are all choosing Arm to accelerate new ideas and drive the latest tech trends. Find out why.

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