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The Arm Mali series of processors offers a complete multimedia solution for your SoC. Our industry-leading, scalable IP for graphics, video and display is able to drive the ultimate visual experience across a wide range of devices, scaling from entry-level mass market smartphones through to visually stunning, high-performance smartphones, Android OS-based tablets and SmartTVs. Arm's imaging and computer vision IP brings next-generation camera and display technologies to consumer and embedded devices.

Mali Graphics Processors

Higher performance

Power efficiency


Optimized for:

AR and VR




Machine learning


Smart TVs



Mali Graphics Processors

Advanced video technology

Power efficiency


Optimized for:

AR and VR


Consumer, IP and Surveillance cameras

Home multimedia


Video players

Mali Graphics Processors

Improved visual quality

Lower system bandwidth


Optimized for:

AR and VR



Set top boxes



Mali Graphics Processors
Assertive Display

Power saving

High-quality visual experience


Optimized for:





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Higher graphics performance combined with power efficiency
Advanced video technology combined with power efficiency
Advanced automotive vision system image processor
Subsystem management IP for ultra-efficient and premium devices
Use Cases Multimedia
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Mali Graphics Processors


Third premium Bifrost architecture GPU delivering step-change in energy and area-efficiency
  • Execution engine width doubled with eight-thread pipelines
  • Uses three wider engines to double overall compute capability per shader core
  • 8-bit integer dot product accelerates Neural Network interface
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Second premium Bifrost architecture GPU delivering increased energy-efficiency for complex content
  • Closely based on Mali-G71, but significant updates to execution engine to save power
  • Tiler and instruction cache improved to remove performance bottlenecks
  • Number of multiple render targets doubled
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First premium Bifrost architecture GPU delivering step-change in performance from Midgard architecture
  • Each shader core has three execution engines with four-thread wide pipelines
  • Index-Driven Position Shading to accelerate geometry processing
  • Enhanced support for general purpose GPU compute with OpenCL 2.0 full profile
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Mali-T860 and Mali-T880

High performance T800 series GPUs with up to three ALUs per shader core
  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.x and Vulkan
  • Introduces a range of bandwidth reducing technologies
  • Last GPU series based on the Midgard architecture
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Second mainstream Bifrost architecture GPU with a more scalable core
  • Large range of configurations - two or three eight-thread wide pipelines per shader core
  • Significant performance over Mali-G51 for complex graphics
  • 8-bit integer dot product accelerates Neural Network interface
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First mainstream Bifrost architecture GPU with redesigned texturing unit
  • Dual-pixel cores for greater efficiency and improved framebuffer compression
  • Major reduction in power consumption
  • Step-change in texturing performance for DTV and Camera applications
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Mali-T820 and Mali-T830

High efficiency T800 series GPUs with up to two ALUs per shader cores
  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.x and Vulkan
  • Introduces a range of bandwidth reducing technologies
  • Last GPU series based on the Midgard architecture
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Precedes the Mali-T860 & Mali-T880 on the Midgard GPU architecture, delivering significant power efficiency savings compared to the previous generation of products
  • Scalable from 1-16 cores to address device-specific requirements
  • Introduces cohesive bandwidth saving technologies such as Arm Frame Buffer Compression
  • Advanced, coherent L2 cache interconnect
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First High Area Efficiency graphics processor with the Midgard graphics architecture, with a simpler layout than its predecessors
  • Significant area and energy reductions
  • Android-specific optimizations
  • Designed for the fast-moving requirements of the mainstream mobile market
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Very first Ultra-Efficient GPU based on the innovative Bifrost architecture - GPU of choice for cost constrained devices
  • Significant area savings - 20% smaller than the Mainstream GPU
  • 20% better performance density for complex workloads
  • 12% improvement for the growing complexity of UI
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Major update to the highly successful Mali-400 GPU
  • Last GPU based on the Utgard achitecture
  • Highly optimised for OpenGL ES 2.0 only
  • Doubles the energy-efficiency of Mali-400 GPU in the same silicon area
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Second Arm Mali Ultra Low Power GPU with double the scalability of the Mali-400 GPU to address a broader range of performance points and use cases
  • Scalable from 1–8 cores
  • Maximizes reuse of the available resources during graphics operations
  • Support for OpenGL ES 2.0
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The GPU of choice for reduced cost devices, with reduced power and bandwidth consumption
  • World's first OpenGL ES 2.0 conformant multi-core GPU
  • Independent CPU and GPU power management
  • Industry standard interface for straightforward implementation
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Mali Video Processors


Latest premium video processor, designed to bring stunning 8K content to home and mobile devices
  • Simultaneous encode and decode capabilities
  • Flexible IP
  • Scalable from 2-8 cores (8K60D/8K30E)
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Flexible and scalable multi-standard video processing solution
  • Supports HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8, encode & decode, and legacy decoders
  • Scalable video solution to address mobile and home multimedia SoCs
  • Supports 4K media
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Optimized for Mainstream market, with area savings and performance uplifts
  • Area efficient multi-standard video encode and decode core
  • Can achieve a total performance of up to 4K120 decode or 4K60 encode
  • Can simultaneously encode and decode using multiple codecs
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Mali Display Processors


First Display Processor to bring benefits of the new Komeda Display architecture to the Mainstream
  • Offloads the GPU during image processing, providing performance and efficiency saving
  • Mixed HDR/SDR composition
  • Seamlessly integrates with Assertive Display 5 for an optimal HDR experience
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Most area and energy efficient Mali-DPU designed for next generation display trends
  • 4K120 display performance for premium mobile VR displays
  • Based on the brand new, more flexible and capable Komeda display architecture
  • Best-in-class viewing experience for mixed HDR/SDR content
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Mali Camera


Advanced automotive vision system image processor
  • Multi-camera support
  • Display and computer vision outputs
  • Real time safety features
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Assertive Display

Assertive Display 3

Third generation of the display subsystem management IP for ultra-efficient devices
  • Ambient light adaptivity
  • Advanced power-saving feature
  • Powered by an innovative local tone-mapping engine
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Assertive Display 5

Fifth generation of the display subsystem management IP for premium devices
  • Provides a complete set of HDR management features for display pipelines
  • Ambient light adaptivity and advanced power-saving features for HDR and SDR flows
  • Gamut management
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