Mali GPUs for Graphics Processing

Arm Mali GPUs provide the ultimate visual experience across a wide range of devices, scaling from entry-level smartphones to visually stunning, high-performance Android OS-based tablets and Smart TVs. Our Mali Camera series of ISP brings next-gen camera and image signal technologies to automotive, consumer, and embedded devices.

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Higher graphics performance combined with power efficiency
Advanced ISPs for human display and computer vision applications
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Mali Graphics Processors


High-performance GPU suitable for complex autonomous applications, safety capable to ASIL B
  • Flexible Partitioning enables hardware separation for mixed-criticality workloads 
  • Hardware virtualisation support
  • Highly scalable, from 1-24 shader cores from a single IP


Second-generation premium GPU based on the Mali Valhall architecture
  • Enables superior digital immersion for consumers
  • Asynchronous Top Level for power savings and greater battery life for next-generation devices
  • On device improvements in ML enabling more realistic gaming experiences on mobile


Valhall-based graphics processing unit (GPU) for the sub premium market
  • Fused Multiply-Add (FMA) built from the ground up offers improved power consumption and prolonged battery life
  • Enables developers to target larger consumer markets with high-performing applications and mobile gaming


First-generation premium GPU based on the Mali Valhall architecture.
  • 60 percent performance improvement for on-device machine learning
  • Improved high-fidelity gaming performance
  • Increased performance due to the innovative super scalar engine


Premium GPU based on the Mali Bifrost architecture, delivering high energy and area-efficiency
  • Execution engine width doubled with eight-thread pipelines
  • Uses three wider engines to double overall compute capability per shader core
  • 8-bit integer dot product accelerates neural network (NN) interface


First-generation mainstream GPU based on the Mali Valhall architecture
  • Improved performance and increased efficiency
  • Premium high-fidelity content delivered to mass markets
  • Re-engineered for Vulkan to be positioned for the future of gaming


Mainstream Mali Bifrost architecture GPU with a scalable core
  • Large range of configurations - two or three 8-thread wide pipelines per shader core
  • Significant performance over Mali-G51 for complex graphics
  • 8-bit integer dot product accelerates neural network (NN) interface


Ultra-efficient GPU based on the Mali Bifrost architecture - GPU of choice for cost constrained devices
  • Significant area savings – 20 percent smaller than the mainstream GPU
  • 20 percent increased performance density for complex workloads
  • 12 percent improvement for the growing complexity of UI


Major update to the highly successful Mali-400 GPU
  • Final GPU based on the Mali Utgard architecture
  • Highly optimized for wearables and low-power devices
  • Doubles the energy-efficiency of Mali-400 GPU in the same silicon area

Mali Image Signal Processors


Advanced high-performance image signal processor with built-in functional safety features
  • Multi-camera HDR support
  • Display and computer vision outputs
  • Addresses a variety of automotive and industrial use cases, including ADAS and mobile robotics


Multi-camera image signal processor for display applications
  • High precision and high dynamic range
  • Image quality focussed
  • Addresses a wide variety of use cases – from security cameras to high-end drones


Configuration version of Mali-C52, optimized for area
  • High precision and high dynamic range
  • Addresses a wide variety of use cases, specifically low-power, cost-sensitive embedded vision devices where the full feature set of Mali-C52 is not required
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