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The first GPU based on Arm’s 5th Gen architecture and designed for flagship smartphones. The Immortalis-G720 offers improved performance and reduced memory bandwidth usage leading to better and more sustained framerates, and ultimately higher quality graphics than ever before, for more immersive visual experiences. This is our most performant and efficient GPU ever.*

Features and Benefits

New 5th Gen GPU Architecture

The 5th Gen GPU architecture brings a new geometry flow, known as deferred vertex shading to Arm GPUs, and includes new FP16 transcendental instructions for improved performance.

Most Efficient Arm GPU

Delivers up to 40% reduction in memory bandwidth usage and reduced CPU load, resulting in lower power consumption, for higher quality graphics and more immersive visual experiences.

Leading Performance

The highest performing GPU from Arm for both sustained and peak performance, with an average 15% increase compared to the Immortalis-G715 GPU.



Immortalis-G720 features the latest technologies for graphics and machine learning (ML) performance and energy savings, including:

  • Deferred vertex shading (DVS)
  • Support for larger tiles of up to 64 × 64, compared to 32 × 32 in Immortalis-G715
  • Increased blending throughput for Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) use cases
  • Increased texture-mapper throughput for 64bpp content
  • Ability to power gate the ray-tracing unit (RTU)

Visit Arm Developer for more details.

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Arm provides a total gaming experience on Arm Mali and Immortalis GPUs, for more immersive games and real-time 3D apps that run for longer. Arm is a leading contributor to the mobile gaming industry and developed the technology for mobile devices to run high-quality AAA games. These games are dependent on powerful graphics processors that deliver beautiful, sustained gaming experiences.

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Flagship smartphones continue to deliver increasing levels of performance and improved graphics. Learn how Immortalis-G720 can help meet demand for the latest range of applications.

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