Experience the Mobile Future on Arm

We build foundational computing platforms that enable industry-leading companies of all sizes to deliver life-changing products, services, and experiences on mobile devices, laptops, DTVs, wearables, VR, and more. One such platform is redefining the future of mobile and transforming the experiences you can hold in your hand.

Arm Total Compute Solutions (TCS23) is the platform for mobile computing, with double double-digit gains in CPU performance and efficiency to power the next generation of AI and immersive mobile gaming experiences.

Experience the Mobile Future on Arm

Transforming the experiences, you can hold in your hand.

Arm TCS23 for Unlimited Delight, Productivity, and Success

Our foundational platforms are designed to meet the increasing demand for compute, helping to unlock creative potential for limitless mobile engagement, immersion, and innovative experiences. Arm TCS23 provides a complete package of the latest IP designed and optimized to work together as a whole system for smartphones and other mobile devices. Incorporating our brand-new 5th Generation GPU architecture, TCS23 delivers the performance, intelligence, and efficiency needed to expand our digital lifestyles.

Driving immersive 3D visual experiences

Driving immersive 3D visual experiences

Performance leadership for next-gen AI

Performance leadership for next-gen AI

Delivering the world's software and security

Delivering the World's Software and Security

The Foundation for Innovation

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Arm is the gateway to the metaverse, and as it continues to evolve and expand, our technology is at the heart of new immersive and interactive online experiences, bringing AR/VR and XR to life with solutions that provide the compute capabilities for devices across all sectors.


Industry-leading Arm GPUs, Arm optimization technologies, and collaboration with many of the world’s leading games companies and gaming engines are just a few of the reasons Arm is the power behind a multibillion-dollar mobile gaming industry.


Arm-based laptops deliver the mobile experience users need for constant connectivity over 5G, multiday battery life, a lightweight form factor, thermal efficiency, and more. With the growth of the Windows on Arm ecosystem, Arm-based laptops enable the very latest mobile features.


From the very beginning, Arm has been powering the world’s smartphones with scalable CPU, GPU, and system IP that delivers everything from leading efficiency and high performance to low cost. Today, our Total Compute Solutions offering is fueling even more intelligent product design and innovation.



Low-power IP from Arm is removing the barriers to wearable technology and driving innovation beyond the wrist and into glasses, heart monitors, clothing, shoes, and even rings. As developers continue to innovate, Arm is helping miniaturize the technology that promises to change millions of lives.

Total Compute Solutions Powering the Next Decade of Mobile Computing

A solution-focused approach that spans across Arm technology components to include hardware IP, physical IP, software, tools, and standards.


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Deliver Intelligent, Immersive, and Efficient Next-Gen Smartphones

Learn how double-digit gains in CPU performance and power efficiency can help deliver next-level immersion, AI, and security, while promoting greater efficiency in mobiles and wearable devices, laptops, and household technology.

The Basis for a Solution Approach

Armv9 Architecture

Armv9-A supports the 128-bit wide fixed-length vector extensions first seen in Armv7 and Armv8. SVE2 goes further to provide variable length vectors, enabling vector length agnostic programming for enhanced application performance on mobile computing devices.

Arm’s Total Compute Strategy

Arm Total Compute is the evolution from a product focus to use-case driven solutions. It adopts a holistic system approach that ensures compute platforms can seamlessly and securely handle the workloads of tomorrow—even with the proliferation of more devices, use cases, and killer apps that require powerful compute resources.

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An Ecosystem of Trust

Arm is at the epicenter of the world’s largest compute ecosystem. Our vast community of software, tools, and service partners support and enable the use of our technology across markets and applications.

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