Making a World of Difference
Arm Creates Positive Impact through Partnership

By promoting diversity, developing people, working with communities, caring for the environment, and by our everyday dealings with suppliers and customers, Arm is making a world of difference by improving access to health, education, well-being and livelihood opportunities. Learn about 2030Vision, an Arm founded, cross-sector collaboration designed to deliver technology solutions to the world's most complex challenges and support the delivery of the UN’s Global Goals.

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Ethical Business Practices

Our business practices must reflect our core values of fairness, openness, and integrity. It is how we govern the company, how we treat our people, how we engage with local communities, and how we transact business across our value chain.

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Socially Responsible Technology

Arm technology is pervasive on a global scale and so then is the opportunity for Arm technology to “do good” — in areas like the environment, healthcare, economic development, and education — in both developed and emerging economies of the world.

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Sustainable Healthcare

Throughout the developing world, people are experiencing the benefits of Arm’s technical innovation, financial investment, and partnerships with charities, NGOs, and governments across a wide variety of programs aimed at improving healthcare. Arm supports programs designed to have maximum societal impact and improve the lives of people who have benefitted from technology.

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STEM Education

Arm is acutely focused on solving the shortage of young people, especially women, pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), a problem that persists despite STEM’s proven success as a path to upward economic mobility. However our approach in education goes beyond developing the technical skills associated with these subjects to address the softer skills that will be critical for individuals to succeed in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, such as creativity, resilience, teamwork, agility and communication.

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Sustainability Resources

Reports related to Sustainability demonstrate our commitment to the issues that are material to our business and stakeholders.

Arm UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2017

Modern Slavery Statement

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