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Committed to Clear and Open Communications

With transparency our guiding principle, we produce reports that are clear, comprehensive, and demonstrate our commitment to the issues that are material to our business and stakeholders. We aim to provide meaningful information to help stakeholders and partners assess environmental, social and governance performance. Reports related to Sustainability can be found through our Annual Reports and Corporate Responsibility Reports, as well as in our submissions to the UN Global Compact and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). 

Sustainable Impact Report

Arm is proud to be part of the collective effort to bring the Sustainability Goals closer for us all. Our Sustainable Impact Report details how we are driving positive, sustainable impact through technology that aims to leave no one behind.

Sustainable Business Report

We aim to provide transparent, meaningful information on our ethical and sustainability efforts to enable fair assessment of our performance. This Sustainable Business Report provides in-depth data on progress against our commitments.

How Digital Technologies Are the Key to Reducing Emissions

Digital technologies will play a pivotal role in combating climate change, reducing energy and emissions and changing the way organizations deliver value in a low-carbon future. But the technology industry must continually raise the bar in terms of performance per watt to ensure that the power cost does not erode the gains. This report examines the interplay between areas of impact and the key technologies for driving change.

Sustainability Through Intelligence

Experts estimate that computing and communications can help reduce worldwide emissions by up to 15 percent by 2030 and protect the unnecessary loss of precious resources. CPUs and digital technologies also can help fine-tune energy consumption and replace energy-intensive activities, such as commuting and air travel, with more efficient ones like videoconferencing. This guide describes how Arm contributes to this effort.

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