A Simplified Approach to SoC Design Success


Arm IP Explorer is a cloud-based, IP evaluation and selection solution for SoC architects, as well as for hardware engineers and system integrators designing Arm-based systems.

Users can configure and simulate Arm IP and design high-quality SoC concepts and products, while reducing costs and time to market. Arm IP Explorer increases efficiency and productivity, making it easy to find and compare Arm IP without searching through multiple information sources.

Explore. Design. Share.

Arm IP Explorer accelerates IP selection and SoC design by putting all key information in one place, enabling the SoC architect to make informed IP selection decisions. Arm IP Explorer helps maximize project success by reducing up-front investment in simulation tools and models, improving collaboration across design and development teams, and ultimately reducing time to market for your Arm-based products.


  • Explore and compare Arm IP with 24x7 access to the latest information.
  • Get a comprehensive view of all IP included in your subscription.
  • Evaluate and make decisions based on personalized simulation data.


  • Configure and simulate Arm CPUs with your workloads to make selection decisions confidently.
  • Create high-level SoC concepts of your hardware architecture and validate IP compatibility.
  • Complete design review checklists and connect with Arm experts and Arm Approved Design Partners.


  • Easily share your SoC concepts with your team, Arm experts, or ecosystem partners to collaboratively optimize designs.
  • Download configured RTL and start your EDA design flow.
  • Output your IP list with auto-generated licensing information, system diagrams, and more.

Arm IP Explorer Spotlight

Webinar: Accelerate Arm IP Selection and SoC Design

A guided walk-through of the new interface, followed by Q&As on new features and capabilities.

Speakers: Eric Sondhi and Matt Rowley

Arm Design Review Checklist

Arm Design Checklists are a quick and easy way for engineers to verify critical design aspects to help prevent errors, while following Arm recommended design guidelines.

Optimize SoC Design Quality

What Partners Said About Arm IP Explorer

Paul Martin

Head of Design Architecture, Sondrel

“Arm IP plays a critical role in virtually every IC project that we design, as we are an Arm Total Design partner. It’s vital to have access to the very latest technical information on every piece of Arm IP. The IP Explorer platform provides this in one, easy-to-access place and we use it frequently. It also notifies us on any new data on Arm IP, along with a heads up about cores that will be improved or introduced in the near term so that we are always ahead of the game.”

Chouki Aktouf

CEO, Defacto Technologies

“Arm IP Explorer is an innovative platform for enabling rapid, Arm CPU evaluation, benchmarking, and high-level SoC architecture specification. This user-friendly cloud-based flow jumpstarts designs and is a perfect complement to the Defacto SoC Compiler's IP-XACT, RTL, and UPF generation and stitching solution. This provides the shortest path to the definition of Arm-based system architecture for implementation and design verification."

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Arm IP Explorer Resources

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