A Simplified Approach to SoC Design Success


Arm IP Explorer is available to all hardware engineers designing Arm-based systems, ideal for SoC architects and system integrators, Arm IP Explorer is a cloud-based platform that helps increase efficiency and productivity. Users can design high-quality products and projects, while reducing costs and time to market.

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Why Arm IP Explorer


  • Get started quickly with easy access to all the information you need.
  • Discover the best solutions for your project and save time comparing IP.
  • Simulate different configurations easily to benchmark performance.


  • Configure Arm IP quickly to meet your product requirements.
  • Create high-level architecture diagrams of your SoC and check IP compatibility.
  • Get expert advice from Arm field application engineers.


  • Enable collaboration for fast access to project information.
  • Collaborate and share design details with Arm Approved Design Partners.
  • Output your IP list with auto-generated licensing information, system diagrams, and more.