Defacto Technologies is an innovative chip design software company providing breakthrough RTL platforms to enhance integration, verification and Signoff of IP cores and System on Chips.

By adopting Defacto’s SoC Compiler design solutions, major semiconductor companies are continuously moving from traditional and painful SoC design tasks to a fully automated design methodology. The related ROI has been proven for hundreds of projects.

Defacto’s SoC Compiler enables designers of large Arm-based SoCs to find all the automation that is needed to insert Arm IP cores, connect them, restructure the overall design based on physical, power, or other criteria, and finally, generate all needed files for synthesis and verification processes.

Solution Briefs

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    Automated Arm-Based SoC Integration

    The Defacto SoC Compiler is a complete SoC integration design software with a high level of automation. It covers all design information, including RTL, IP-XACT, timing constraints, power, physical hardware, and testing.

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