The Most Successful Architecture for the Digital World

The Arm architecture is the keystone of the world’s largest compute ecosystem. It enables our partners to build their products in an efficient, affordable, and secure way. Arm’s proven track record of delivering world-class architecture designs is reflected in the success of this diverse and ever-evolving ecosystem.

Arm’s architecture specifications are licensed by partners, who create compliant silicon chips based on them. With more than 200 billion devices containing Arm-based chips, our architecture empowers innovation in multiple markets enabling partner innovation.

While our architecture prevails in the mobile market, powering most smartphones, they also feature in many other areas. From millions of the simplest IoT devices to sophisticated machine learning applications, Arm is everywhere. Arm architecture enables the creation of devices at every level, with a complete tools suite and a strong global ecosystem for support.

The Foundation for Possible

Arm architecture specifies a set of rules that dictate how the hardware works when a particular instruction is executed. It is a contract between the hardware and the software, defining how they interact with one another. 

When software is written to conform with Arm specifications, any Arm-based processor or chipset will execute it in the same way. This is the foundation of the portability and compatibility promise, underlying the Arm ecosystem. Our architecture is consistent, compatible and it delivers.

Arm System and Security Architectures provide standardisation and best practice guidance, enabling the ecosystem to reduce cost and accelerate time to market when designing systems.

Through sustained collaboration with our partners, our next generation of architecture will enable designs that push the boundaries of compute.

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