Enhancing the Capabilities of the Smallest Devices

Arm Helium technology is the M-Profile Vector Extension (MVE) for the Arm Cortex-M processor series. Helium is an extension of the Armv8.1-M architecture and delivers a significant performance uplift for machine learning (ML) and digital signal processing (DSP) applications.

The Cortex-M55 and Cortex-M85 processors are the first to support Helium, which enables small, low-power embedded systems to manage the compute challenges in many applications, such as audio devices, sensor hubs, keyword spotting and voice command control, power electronics, communications, and still image processing.

Getting Started with Helium

Features and Benefits

Well-Established Ecosystem

Many OEMs, software providers, and tools partners within the Arm ecosystem are supporting the development of Helium and are ready to build the next wave of compute.

Enhanced Performance

Helium provides up to five times the performance improvement for common signal processing tasks, and up to 15 times performance uplift for machine learning.

Designed for Security

Helium works together with TrustZone to make an excellent base for implementing Platform Security Architecture (PSA) compliant systems.

Simplified Development

Developers can benefit from a simple programmer’s model and one toolchain to reduce development efforts and costs.

IoT Helium Webinar

Bringing Intelligence to Constrained Endpoint Devices

Unlock new use cases with greater levels of intelligence. This webinar demonstrates how you can achieve DSP and ML compute performance on constrained endpoint devices with Helium vector processing technology. Catch up now.

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