PSA Certified: Making Secure Digital Transformation a Reality

The industry is at a turning point in security. The PSA Certified 2022 Security Report revealed business leaders have placed security at the top of the priority list and are committed to addressing the lag between the rate of digital transformation and the speed of securing the ecosystem.

As the ecosystem prepares to tackle underlying security concerns, research shows that there are some barriers to overcome. In particular, cost remains a barrier to implementation - physical costs, the cost of security experts, and the price of independent evaluation.

Arm first introduced the concept of a IoT security framework in 2017 and is a co-founder of PSA Certified – a framework and an independent third-party evaluation scheme to build-in the right level of device security.

PSA Certified has scaled to become one of the fastest growing, most valued security ecosystems, globally, and continues to break down the barriers to security. Arm remains an active co-founder of PSA Certified and is heavily involved in providing architecture specifications and security resources.

Access five actions that will reduce the cost of security and forge a more powerful connected future with advice from industry experts in the PSA Certified advisory paper.

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PSA Certified Benefits

Reduce Costs and Risk

Accelerates the development of secure systems using a trusted approach designed by experts.

Fast Alignment to Standards

Increase access to global markets, thanks to alignment to industry and government standards, plus emerging IoT legislation.

Measurable Security

PSA Certified offers an industry-standard measurement on security implementation, checked by independent labs and third parties.

Four Steps To Ease Security Design

The PSA Certified framework was created to help ensure security is designed into a device from the ground up. The four PSA Certified stages guide security implementation for each specific use case:

  • Analyze: the evaluation of assets and assessment of threats to define specific security requirements.
  • Architect: the security design based on identified security requirements.
  • Implement: the process of bringing together hardware and firmware using open source firmware implementations.
  • Certify: assurance that products adhere to security requirements and the 10 security goals outlined by PSA Certified.

Check out this white paper for an in-depth explanation of PSA Certified and an overview of the four stages.

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PSA Certified 2022 Security Report

Bridging the Gap

As the digital world continues to evolve, a key challenge will be securing the IoT driving the underlying technologies. The PSA Certified 2022 Security Report uncovers insights into IoT industry's perceptions and intentions surrounding security. This year's findings show that 2022 will be a turning point where security becomes a primary concern for business leaders and key barriers to security begin to be resolved.

Read the report to discover the role you can play in the future of the IoT.

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Growing Industry Momentum

Built on industry best practices, PSA Certified goes beyond outlining security rules and guidelines, providing practical implementation guides and tools.


Arm works closely with the other PSA Certified founders to simplify and accelerate the path to more secure systems, redefining security for connected devices. Many industry leaders have already pledged their support for PSA Certified with over 55 products certified today.


Over 130 total PSA Certified products


Over 75 PSA Certified chips


Over 25 PSA Certified OEM devices


Over 20 PSA Certified software platforms

Industry Solutions

Predictive Maintenance with OnSemi

Learn more about how OnSemi’s RSL15 processor, based on Arm Cortex-M33, is unlocking new use cases in industrial IoT.

Horticultural Lighting with Fluence

The PSA Certified Wireless Flex Dimming Receiver from Fluence, based on the Arm Cortex-M4, is transforming the agricultural industry.

Connected Construction with Flex

The PSA Certified iENBL platform from Flex, based on the Arm Cortex-M4, enabled Machine Max to unlock new efficiencies in the construction process.

The Arm Ecosystem: Security Made Simple

Arm puts security at the heart of every connected product. Originally spearheaded by Arm with support from CAICT, ProvenRun, Riscure, SGS Brightsight, TrustCB, and UL, PSA Certified provides a security-by-design scheme that starts with the root of trust and aligns to the cybersecurity requirements of USA, Europe, and China.


Arm is committed to making security easier to achieve using the Arm architecture. We continue to provide industry-leading security specifications and guides, paving the way for a more secure, connected world.