Safeguarding Digital Transformation with PSA Certified

As security is constantly changing and evolving, businesses need a strategy to protect against future security threats, yet sadly the PSA Certified 2021 Security Report revealed some huge gaps in security knowledge.

Arm first introduced the concept of a IoT security framework in 2017 and are co-founders of PSA Certified – a four-step process to build in the right level of device security. Arm remains and active co-founder of PSA Certified and is heavily involved in providing architecture specifications, security resources and IP to make IoT more secure.

To find out more about PSA Certified and how it can help your company achieve its own digital transformation, watch this webinar.

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PSA Certified Benefits

Reduce Costs and Risk

Accelerates the development of secure systems using a trusted approach designed by experts.

Fast Alignment to Standards

Increase access to global markets, thanks to alignment to industry and government standards, plus emerging IoT legislation.

Measurable Security

PSA Certified offers an industry-standard measurement on security implementation, checked by independent labs and third parties.

Four Steps To Ease Security Design

The PSA Certified framework was created to help ensure security is designed into a device from the ground up. The four PSA Certified stages guide security implementation for each specific use case:

  • Analyze: the evaluation of assets and assessment of threats to define specific security requirements.
  • Architect: the security design based on identified security requirements.
  • Implement: the process of bringing together hardware and firmware using open source firmware implementations.
  • Certify: assurance that products adhere to security requirements and the 10 security goals outlined by PSA Certified.

Check out this white paper for an in-depth explanation of PSA Certified and an overview of the four stages.

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PSA Certified Security Report 2021

Bridging the Gap

The PSA Certified 2021 Security Report is a comprehensive study into the opinions of 600+ IoT technology decision-makers, examining the glaring gap between the perceptions of security today and the reality – where companies are skipping threat modeling, lacking resources and struggling with fragmentation. Read the report to understand more and learn how collaboration will bridge this gap.

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Growing Industry Momentum

Built on industry best practices, PSA Certified goes beyond outlining security rules and guidelines, providing practical implementation guides and tools.


Arm works closely with the other PSA Certified founders to simplify and accelerate the path to more secure systems, redefining security for connected devices. Many industry leaders have already pledged their support for PSA Certified with over 55 products certified today.


Over 71 total PSA Certified products


Over 39 PSA Certified chips


Over 14 PSA Certified OEM devices


Over 18 PSA Certified software platforms

Industry Solutions

Connected Construction with Flex

The PSA Certified iENBL platform from Flex enabled Machine Max to unlock new efficiencies in the construction process.

Connected Buildings with Embedded Planet

PSA Certified partner Embedded Planet explore why security is so important for connected buildings.

Connected Cities with SDT Inc

SDT Inc have multiple PSA Certified products. In this blog they explore how they are improving the safety of workers in smart cities use cases.

Easing Security Complexities for Application Developers

PSA Certified helps simplify secure software development by offering reusable components and APIs to test your implementation.

  • Trusted Firmware-M (TF-M) provides a reference implementation of the PSA Certified guidelines by complying to the architecture specifications and providing reusable components to cover fundamental security functions. This software ensures easy porting to chips and platforms and creates a trusted environment. TF-M also enables communication of security implementations across the ecosystem with Entity Attestation Tokens (EAT), which is a revolutionary way for IoT devices to verify their security implementation which can be read by the entire ecosystem.
  • PSA Functional APIs provide an interface to the underlying security functions implemented in a device. A consistent developer experience helps reduce time-to-market for security and lets developers focus on product functionality.
  • TF-M works directly with Arm Keil MDK and CMSIS packs to simplify software configuration to custom hardware.

Read more about how we’re easing security complexities.