Platform Security

The platform security resources help developers to achieve PSA Certified on Arm-based platforms. All resources on this page are designed for M- and A-profile IoT-devices and are developed and made freely available by Arm and its partners.

Define Security Requirements

Threat modelling helps product architects identify and prioritize security requirements. Arm has created a standard security model and three example Threat Model and Security Analysis (TMSA) documents that can be downloaded and edited for specific use cases.

Security Model

Top-level requirements for the secure design of all products, outlining the key goals for designing products with known security properties. We recommend security architects read this document first.

Asset Tracker TMSA
Smart Water Meter TMSA
Network camera TMSA

Architect and Implement Platform Security

Although every product is unique, the use of standard design patterns and implementations can dramatically simplify development, reduce maintenance, and allow greater reuse. In support of these goals, Arm has published and maintains a set of freely available hardware and firmware specifications, ABIs, APIs, and test suites. Arm also contributes to a number of open-source reference implementations of these specifications.

Platform Security for M-Profile Architecture
Platform Security for A-Profile Architecture


An open-source firmware reference implementation, PSA Certified APIs, and an API test suite. Providing developers with a trusted code base that complies with platform security specifications, and security APIs that create a consistent interface to underlying Root of Trust hardware.

Verifiable Security

While many organizations have robust internal security development lifecycles, an independent external assessment is extremely useful. An independent evaluation can help increase the number of issues found and fixed before a product is released to market and can provide additional assurance to your customers.


PSA Certified is an independent evaluation and certification scheme developed by Arm and its security partners. The scheme tests and certifies that products meet PSA Certified security requirements.


Learn more about PSA Certified, access more resources, and find out how to get started with the certification process.

Arm Support

Arm training courses are available to help you realize maximum performance with minimal risk and fast time-to-market. Find out more about our specific training courses for Threat Modelling and security IP.