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We invest in tools that help you achieve the target performance and efficiency points for any system that is built on the Arm architecture. With Arm tools and software, you can optimize application performance, de-risk hardware or software rollouts, and accelerate innovation on everything from the smallest microcontroller to the largest supercomputer.

Tools for Developing Software

AI and ML

Cross-framework tools and libraries for optimizing and accelerating deployment of AI and ML-based workloads on Arm.

IoT and Embedded

C/C++ software development tools and operating systems for developing and optimizing on Arm Cortex-M IoT devices.

Automotive and Functional Safety

C/C++ software development tools, operating systems and safety qualification for developing and optimizing on any Arm CPU.


Cross-platform tools for developing and optimizing high-performance applications. Port and speed up the runtime of highly scalable software.

Mobile and Graphics

For the development and analysis of OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Vulkan graphics and compute software for Arm Mali GPU based systems.


Performance profiling tools to collect data from applications running on Neoverse servers and discover ways to improve efficiency.

Arm Tools and Software – How to Buy

Tools for System on Chip (SoC) Design


IP Discovery and Evaluation

Tools to quickly discover and compare Arm IP, including simulating different configurations to benchmark performance.

IP Configuration and Verification

Tools to select, configure, and create Arm IP which is SoC ready in hours rather than days. Visualize, analyze, and instrument AMBA traffic.

Software - Hardware Co-Design

Develop, debug, and optimize firmware. Port operating systems ahead of silicon availability and develop test suites.

Bring Up

Tools to bring up your device system and validate the design specification.

Success Kits. Access all of our Licensed Tools for SoC Design

Partners can access all licensed tools for hardware and software design through Arm Success Kits. Success Kits are available as part of Arm Flexible Access and Arm Total Access and are provisioned via a simple and flexible, user-based license. Have every tool on tap to configure, simulate verify and optimize your designs and to develop and tune market-specific applications.

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Documentation, tutorials and technical videos from Arm and open-source partners to create top-performing software solutions.

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