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Created by experts in the Arm architecture, our development solutions are designed to accelerate product engineering from SoC architecture through to software application development. From the smallest Cortex-M series micro-controller sensor all the way to supercomputers, Arm development tools and design services help engineers worldwide deliver market leading products that fully explore the capabilities of their Arm-based systems.

IDEs and Tools Suites

Arm provides two main software development tool suites for assembly, C and C++: Keil MDK and DS-5 Development Studio. Keil MDK is best suited for off-the-shelf embedded microcontrollers and is recommended for a wide range of Arm7, Arm9, and Cortex-M based designs. DS-5 Development Studio is recommended for custom SoCs as well as commercial single- and multi-core Arm processors, including Cortex-A and Cortex-R series. Both MDK and DS-5 provide all tools required for efficient coding, C/C++ compilation, debug, and optimization of programs for the Arm architecture.

DS-5 | Keil MDK | DS-MDK

Arm Compiler 5 | Arm Compiler 6

Debug Probes

HPC Tools

Our end to end suite of HPC tools supports you in evaluating and maximizing the performance and accuracy of your HPC codes on Arm based technology and in porting and optimizing code for Arm or any HPC platform.

Arm provides both commercial and open-source compiler toolchains as well as the industry leading Arm Forge tool suite for cross-platform HPC software development.

Cross-Platform Tools | Arm Forge | Arm DDT | Arm Map | Performance Reports

Arm Architecture
Arm Allinea Studio | C/C++ Compiler | Fortran Compiler | Performance Libraries

System Design Tools

Get to market way ahead of the competition by using Arm tools as part of your SoC design process. Development boards and models for system design help you model Arm systems before hardware availability. With emulators, Fast Models, RTL simulation, and Versatile Express FPGA boards, you can design your SoC knowing that bring-up will be a matter of days once your silicon arrives.

Versatile Express | Juno Arm Development Platform | Cortex-M Prototyping System | Beetle IoT Evaluation Platform

Socrates System IP Tooling | Fast Models | Fixed Virtual Platforms | Cycle Models

Graphics Development Tools

For development and conditioning of visual assets, debug, and analysis on Linux and Android you can rely on Mali GPUs. Tools include DS-5 Streamline and Mali Graphics Debugger, allowing you to trace OpenGL ES and OpenCL API calls in your applications. From consumer electronics to industrial automation and data centers to telecommunications, find out how to make your next project stand out from the crowd.

Tools for Graphics and Compute Applications
Mali Graphics Debugger | DS-5 Streamline | Mali Offline Compiler | Mali Texture Compression Tool | OpenGL ES Emulator