Software Developer Kit

Free of charge, the Arm NN SDK is a set of open-source Linux software tools that enables machine learning workloads on power-efficient devices. This inference engine provides a bridge between existing neural network frameworks and power-efficient Arm Cortex-A CPUs, Arm Mali GPUs and Ethos NPUs.

Features and Benefits

NN Framework Translation 

Enables rapid application development through the support of commonly used frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, and ONNX.

Effective Targeting of CPUs and GPUs 

Use the Compute Library to target programmable cores, such as Cortex-A CPUs and Mali GPUs, as efficiently as possible.

Arm NN for Android 

Arm NN works with NNAPI, Google’s interface for accelerating neural networks on Android devices, to target Arm Mali GPUs and Arm Ethos NPUs, enabling exponential performance boosts.

Open Source

Arm NN is part of Linaro’s Machine Intelligence Initiative and is open to external contributions. Find out more at

Artificial Intelligence

The new class of ultra-efficient machine learning processors is purpose-built to redefine device capabilities and transform our lives.

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Open Source Accelerates Adoption of ML

To support the Machine Intelligence Initiative by Linaro, Arm has donated Arm NN, our open-source network machine learning (ML) software. We believe that open source collaboration with Linaro and other ecosystem partners helps reduce fragmentation and minimizes duplication of efforts. Through this initiative, SoC and NN vendors can continue to differentiate with their key competitive advantage. Learn more about the Linaro Machine Learning Initiative in this video.