Enabling the AI Infrastructure on Arm

Digital infrastructure is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation. Secure, fast and data rich communications will link people, businesses and things to unlock new opportunities and help solve the world's most pressing challenges.


Neoverse is the foundation for the next era of digital infrastructure. Explore Arm's vision and see what customers and Arm partners say about Neoverse at the edge, in 5G, and in the cloud.

The Core of Cloud Computing

Arm Neoverse rewrites the blueprint for cloud computing, delivering price/performance gains of up to 40% or more. See why AWS, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and others are turning to Arm-based solutions to create a new foundation for the cloud.

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The Opportunity with Edge Compute

As the world moves toward one trillion intelligent devices, the compute, network, and storage infrastructure required to onboard, process, and manage the resultant explosion in data is changing. Increasingly, compute is becoming broadly heterogenous, distributed, and localized at the edge. Moving to the edge supports a massive expansion in compute and offers new opportunities to improve operational efficiency and explore additional revenue streams.

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Neoverse for 5G: Powerful, Resilient and Flexible

5G exponentially increases the performance, capability and value of wireless networks for real-time services, dense IoT networks connecting thousands of devices and new, immersive applications for smartphones. With network slicing, 5G also improves resiliency and security.


Arm partners are choosing Arm Neoverse technology to efficient, high-performance and differentiated solutions for the entire 5G ecosystem.

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Ecosystem Defined by Success

From cloud to edge, the Arm infrastructure hardware and software ecosystem offers a wide range of solutions, from high-performance, scalable datacenter systems to power-efficient systems deployed at the network edge.


Together, we’re driving the development and deployment of cloud-native applications, focusing heavily on open source and standards for compatibility, ease of adoption, and flexibility in vendor choice. We offer the software, tools, technical documentation, and support required to design and build with Arm-based solutions and get to market quickly.

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Arm Partners are Redefining Cloud Performance

Leading the Way in Exascale HPC

Arm-based HPC technologies deliver best-in-class performance, compute density, efficiency and design flexibility to meet the demands of HPC. Supercomputers such as Fugaku in Japan, ranked number 1 on the Top500 supercomputer list, depend on flexible, efficient Arm-based optimized solutions. Find out why more governments have chosen the Arm architecture as the basis of their exascale supercomputer designs.

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The Total Economic Impact of Arm Neoverse

The Arm Neoverse platform enables the development of building blocks for dense, low-cost, and energy-efficient servers with a small footprint, low power, and performant compute silicon. Arm commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential benefits of deploying Neoverse servers or adopting related cloud-based services. Key findings include:

  • Upfront infrastructure costs up to 60 percent lower.
  • Ongoing infrastructure costs up to 35 percent lower.
  • Cloud-based cost savings of up to 80 percent.
  • Increased developer productivity.

Read the full study and watch the webinar for more details and full analysis from the experts.

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CPU Processors

Infrastructure Revolution Starts with Neoverse

For secure, high-performance, flexible cloud-to-edge computing, Arm Neoverse provides infrastructure solutions capable of efficiently computing the vast amounts of data generated by a 5G world.

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Infrastructure Insights for Today and Beyond

Learn how Arm is reducing our global datacenter footprint and our on-premises compute capabilities.

Infrastructure Resource Spotlight

How 5G And Edge Computing Advance IoT Value

This Forrester report, offers recommendations on how companies can approach edge and 5G to transform their own businesses.

Managing the Future of Cellular

Realizing the full potential of 5G requires new thinking and new system architectures.

How The Emerging Compute Continuum Drives Edge Computing

This Forrester Predictions report identifies 2020 as a tipping point for edge computing.

Works on Arm

The Works on Arm initiative offers free-of-cost access to platforms and instances across the ecosystem and is a valuable resource for developers innovating on Arm.