Unparalleled Performance for 5G Network Infrastructure

5G delivers unparalleled experiences, and realizing the full potential of 5G requires infrastructure innovation. Arm and its partners deliver complete 5G infrastructure solutions for the cloud, the edge, and endpoint. Hear their stories on 5G deployments with Arm.


Arm provides leading performance at reduced power and with greater throughput and lower cost.


Our partners can customize products for applications and use cases, leading to increased choice and variety.

Open Ecosystem

Thousands of software developers, hardware designers and service providers make the Arm ecosystem an invaluable resource.

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Help Build the Future with the Arm 5G Solutions Lab

The Arm 5G Solutions Lab brings together leading carriers, OEMs, semiconductor designers, and software developers to exchange ideas, test products and create solutions for public and private 5G networks.

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Get Started with 5G Demos from the Arm Ecosystem

Low Footprint Private 5G Network for Industrial Deployments

Compact private 5G networks are ideal for industrial deployments such as factories and warehouses, where a high-speed and reliable wireless connection is needed for M2M communication and automation. In this demo, we will showcase how Arm-powered virtual RAN cards provide scalability, flexibility, easy upgrades and maintenance for these compact private 5G network designs.

Integrated Indoor Small Cells

This small cell demo is based on Arm-based chipsets, which are known for their low power consumption and high performance, making them well-suited for small cell deployments where energy efficiency is a key consideration. This small cell is particularly well-suited for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) deployments that allow for the use of shared spectrum and provide wireless connectivity in a variety of different settings.

Scalable and Pure Software Private 5G Network

A pure software private 5G network is one in which all the necessary modules for the network are implemented as software and deployed on a containerization platform. This solution allows for a high level of flexibility and scalability for the 5G network, as well as easier upgrades and maintenance.

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Arm Neoverse for 5G Infrastructure

5G RAN for Dummies

5G's Biggest Opportunity Explained

Read about the challenges and opportunities 5G creates for chip designers, software developers, carriers, and equipment manufacturers.

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5G delivers unparalleled experiences, but realizing its full potential requires infrastructure innovation. Arm has the most fully featured, accessible, and robust development environment for 5G RAN. Join us as developers like you share their experiences and expertise on building for the next great 5G ideas on Arm’s open, interoperable, and cloud-native 5G solutions.

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