Unparalleled Performance for 5G Network Infrastructure

5G delivers unparalleled experiences, and realizing the full potential of 5G requires infrastructure innovation. Arm and its partners deliver complete 5G infrastructure solutions for the cloud, the edge, and endpoint. Hear their stories on 5G deployments with Arm.


Arm provides leading performance at reduced power and with greater throughput and lower cost.


Our partners can customize products for applications and use cases, leading to increased choice and variety.

Open Ecosystem

Thousands of software developers, hardware designers and service providers make the Arm ecosystem an invaluable resource.

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Decarbonizing Compute from the Ground Up

Insights from Global Operators: Sustainability in the Era of AI

Cutting-edge chipsets can meet the ongoing surge in data traffic, while championing energy efficiency. Learn how and explore the future of sustainable computing in this 2024 report.

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An Ecosystem Spanning Radios to Core Networks

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Arm Neoverse for 5G Infrastructure

Four pillars to achieve the software-defined vehicle vision

Four Pillars to Achieve the Software-Defined Vehicle Vision

Industry collaboration, standards, modern methodology, and vision stimulation are the four key pillars that can help make software-defined vehicles a reality. These are all practical approaches that the automotive and technology industries can take now to accelerate our path to software-defined vehicles and address the key challenges ahead.

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