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High-performance computing lies at the heart of industry, academic and government research and development. HPC’s growing scope and scale demands powerful and energy-efficient technology and innovation. Arm provides a unique combination of design flexibility, powerful yet power-efficient IP and architecture, and a robust software ecosystem, all poised to fuel the next wave of innovation. Our partners’ designs and systems are being adopted across major HPC sites and industry in the cloud and on-premises.

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Innovations Ignited by Neoverse

Industry leaders share their thoughts and experiences on the advantages of Arm-based technology.


Arm Neoverse Wins Four 2022 HPCwire Readers' and Editors' Choice Awards

Neoverse V2 CPU

Designed for Leadership HPC and AI/ML Performance

Neoverse V2 significantly raises the bar for HPC and AI/ML performance, delivering up to twice the performance of Neoverse V1. With Armv9 features like memory tagging extension (MTE) and performance defined power (PDP), Neoverse V2 is the most secure and performance-efficient V-series core yet. When paired with the new CMN-700 core mesh network, Neoverse V2 CPUs can be configured with up to 256 cores and 512MB of system level cache (SLC). AMBA CHI C2C enables die-to-die and off-chip connectivity using UCIe, CXL, PCIe, or custom PHYs for connecting memory, and accelerators.

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HPC Use Cases Around the World


Electronic Design Automation

From design to simulation and verification to functional safety, Arm-based HPC provides the performance and efficiency needed in the EDA process.


Simulation models can be finetuned and iterated upon quickly thanks to reliable software stacks and ecosystems, including compilers, toolchains and math libraries optimized for Arm Neoverse.


Arm-based HPC helps researchers develop therapies to improve the heath of humans, animals and agriculture.

A Proven Range of Powerful HPC Capabilities

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