A New Benchmark for Cloud Computing, HPC, and ML Performance

The Arm Neoverse V2 CPU is designed for cloud computing, high performance computing (HPC), and machine learning (ML) performance leadership. Neoverse V2 delivers up to twice the performance as Neoverse V1. And it is the first V-series CPU with Armv9 performance, power, and security enhancements.

Features and Benefits

Up to x2 the Performance of Neoverse V1

With a comprehensively enhanced pipeline and up to double the L2 cache size (2MB per core), Neoverse V2 can deliver twice the performance of Neoverse V1 on cloud and ML applications.

Armv9 Comes to V-Series

With Armv9 features like memory tagging extension (MTE) and performance defined power (PDP), Neoverse V2 is the most secure and performance-efficient V-series core yet.

Almost Limitless Platform Scalability

When paired with the new CMN-700 core mesh network, Neoverse V2 CPUs can be configured with up to 256 cores and 512MB of system-level cache (SLC). AMBA CHI C2C enables die-to-die and off-chip connectivity using UCIe, CXL, PCIe, or custom PHYs for connecting compute, memory, and accelerators.


The Arm Neoverse V2 CPU significantly raises the bar for cloud, HPC, and ML performance.

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Key Documentation
Industry Solutions

Performance that Spans Cloud to Edge

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse N1 on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil and gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.

Cloud Computing

Cloud customers are experiencing up to 40% improved price performance over comparable traditional architecture-based instances on a broad range of workloads.

Artificial Intelligence

Neoverse V-Series are the best Arm cores for accelerating AI/ML-assisted workloads, helping keep specialized computing resources fed quickly with data.

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Scalable Vector Extensions

Arm’s Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE) deliver vector-length agnostic performance and programming to HPC. Write once, compile once, deploy forever.

Neoverse V1

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Neoverse N2

Our first Armv9 infrastructure CPU, Neoverse N2 offers best-in-class performance, efficiency, and compute density, while maintaining the cloud-native experience.

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