Highly Scalable Mesh for Intelligent Connected Systems

The Arm Neoverse CMN-700 Coherent Mesh Network is designed for intelligent connected systems across a wide range of applications, including networking infrastructure, storage, server, HPC, automotive, and industrial solutions. The highly scalable mesh is optimized for Armv9 and Armv8-A processors, multichip configurations, and CXL attached devices. It can be customized across a wide range of performance points.

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High-Performance, Scalable Coherent Mesh

The scalable mesh network can be customized to meet system performance and area requirements. The native AMBA 5 CHI network provides high-frequency, non-blocking data transfers between compute, accelerator, and IO to shared memory resources.

Reduce SoC Integration Time

Socrates, a tool created by Arm, guides designers through the configuration and/or creating a viable interconnect fabric, reducing the time and complexity typically required for an implementing an interconnect mesh while simultaneously improving performance.

Maximize Compute Density

The Neoverse CMN-700 provides the highest performance coherent backplane for Armv9 systems from small, efficient access points to data center solutions maximizing compute density.

Coherent Multichip Links

Neoverse CMN-700’s CCIX/CXL Gateways extend the high frequency, non-blocking AMBA 5 CHI protocol messages across multiple SoCs, so system designers can attach more compute or acceleration with a shared virtual memory.

Support for Open Standards

The multichip links also support AMBA AXI5, ACE5-lite, CXS, and CCIX. CCIX is the open coherency standard that allows processors based on different instruction set architectures to extend the benefits of cache coherent, peer processing to acceleration devices.

Distributed System Cache

Keeping data on-chip greatly improves performance and efficiency. The integrated system cache is designed to decrease average CPU read latency and boost IO throughput workloads, such as networking and storage.

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