GitHub is the complete developer platform dedicated to accelerating software system delivery through optimal developer experiences.

With over 100 million developers on the platform and serving as the home to most of the world’s open-source software projects, GitHub has become an instrumental part of the developer workflow both inside out outside of the enterprise.
GitHub’s partnership with Arm furthers our mission of delivering optimal developer experiences by bringing cloud-native workflows to automotive, IoT and embedded developers. By supporting both Arm Virtual Hardware and Arm native hardware, GitHub’s cloud-based continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines enable developers to streamline build and test procedures with the scale of the cloud.

Solution Briefs

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    CI/CD Hosted Development Environment

    Managing build & test infrastructure internally has become increasingly more complex. From challenges of procuring, provisioning, and configuring environments to keeping pace with the proliferation of devices in a testing farm, enterprise development

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