Cutting-Edge CPUs to Enable the Devices of Tomorrow

The constantly evolving landscape of devices and use cases demands high-performance CPUs that enhance user experience. The Arm Cortex-X Custom Program enables customization and differentiation beyond the traditional roadmap of Arm Cortex products, offering a way to deliver the ultimate performance required for the use cases of tomorrow.

Performance-First Design

Delivers ultimate peak performance within an expanded envelope for power and area.

Customized to Meet Market Needs

Close collaboration with Arm enables program partners to influence products and achieve tangible improvements for market-specific use cases.

Extends Ecosystem Capabilities

Compatible with Arm Cortex-A CPUs for design flexibility and scalability through DynamIQ support for intelligent solutions.


Ultimate Performance for Next-Generation Smartphones and Laptops

Single-thread performance improvements compared with latest Android flagship smartphones.

 14 Core Support

The most advanced and cutting-edge CPU from Arm, designed for increased scalability using “big.LITTLE” CPU configurations for devices from flagship smartphones to laptops.


Industry-leading architecture with the latest security and performance improvements.

Cortex-X Documentation

Partner Feedback


“Samsung and Arm have a strong technology partnership and we are very excited to see the new direction Arm is taking with the Cortex-X Custom program, enabling innovation in the Android ecosystem for next-gen user experiences.”

Joonseok Kim, VP of SoC Design Team, Samsung Electronics

Mobile Computing

Arm Cortex CPUs address the needs of advanced devices, from premium smartphones to rich multimedia devices, such as tablets and laptops. The best mobile devices rely on Arm technology to enable digitally immersive experiences. Driven by life-like graphics for gaming, XR (augmented reality and virtual reality), on-device security, and ML capabilities, Arm-based devices enable advanced use cases that keep you connected anywhere, anytime.

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