Ultimate Performance with Cortex-X

Pushing the Limits to Meet Partners’ Needs

The technology sector’s compute performance needs are ever-expanding to support new applications, experiences, and devices. The Cortex-X Custom (CXC) program enables customization and differentiation beyond the traditional roadmap of Arm Cortex products, offering our partners a way to deliver the ultimate performance required for their specific use cases.

Performance-First Design

Delivers ultimate peak performance within an expanded envelope for power and area.

Customized to Meet Market Needs

Allows program partners to shape the final product performance target in close collaboration with Arm to address specific markets.

Extends Ecosystem Capabilities

Compatible with Cortex-A CPUs with design flexibility and scalability through DynamIQ support for intelligent solutions.


Ultimate Performance for Next-Generation Mobile Solutions

Integer Performance over
Cortex-A78 devices


Integer Performance over
Cortex-A77 devices


Machine learning performance on
Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A77 

¹Comparing Arm single core peak performance at 3.0GHz. Cortex-X1: 1MB priv-L2, 8MB L3 cache vs Cortex-A78 (32kB) / Cortex-A77 512KB priv-L2, 4MB L3 cache. Machine learning performance based on Matrix multiplication theoretical throughput. Measured estimates on SPECint*_base2006 (SPECspeed* Integer component of SPEC CPU* 2006) Arm single-core performance estimated for mobile platform. Results are measured estimates using specific computer systems, software, components, operations, and functions and changes to any of these factors will cause the results to vary.

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Samsung Partners with Arm

“Samsung and Arm have a strong technology partnership and we are very excited to see the new direction Arm is taking with the Cortex-X Custom program, enabling innovation in the Android ecosystem for next-gen user experiences.”

Joonseok Kim, VP of SoC design team at Samsung Electronics


Mobile Computing

Arm Cortex CPUs address the needs of various devices, from premium-level smartphones to larger screen devices, such as tablets and laptops. Mobile devices rely on Arm technology to enable digitally immersive experiences with life-like graphics capabilities for gaming, XR (augmented reality and virtual reality), on-device security for ML-based applications and staying connected anytime, anywhere.

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