United In Purpose, Empowered Through Inclusion​

Tamika Curry Smith

At Arm, we are united in our commitment to create an inclusive environment where representation matters, people are valued, diverse perspectives are heard, and everyone’s skills are fully utilized. We know that having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture makes us better and enables us to build the future of computing on Arm. Together. For everyone.

Tamika Curry Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

DEI in Action

We are committed to continuously improving how we work at Arm, whether it’s within our teams, collaborating across regions, and engaging with colleagues and our partners. We strive to create a work environment where our collective global workforce can effectively share their unique perspectives, skills, and ideas so that we can build the future of computing on Arm.


Be your brilliant self is one of Arm’s core beliefs for a reason. Each of us has unique perspectives and ideas that can transform how we all live and work in the future. We are actively seeking individuals at any stage of their professional career who can help build the future on arm.

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Arm’s second core belief of “We, not I” reminds us that no matter what office or function our people may work in, collaboration and working as a team is held in high regard. To ensure greater understanding and engagement, we offer DEI learning opportunities and many ways to get involved through our employee resource groups (ERG), employee communities, DEI working groups, and DEI Council.


“Do great things” is no simple feat when it comes to building the future of computing on Arm, together and for everyone. We have always believed that when our partners and communities succeed, we succeed. This is why we integrate DEI best practices into how we can support, innovate, and lead our ecosystem.


Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs are groups of underrepresented and marginalized employees who come together based on primary dimensions of diversity and shared experiences. These groups provide a safe space for members to create community, share information, and help the company build a culture of belonging for all employees.


ArmUnited is the powerful synergy and collective efforts of our ERGs coming together to work on an initiative or bring light to intersectional topics. United, we strengthen our culture of belonging for all, and ArmUnited is a great example of how we bring our core beliefs to life.


We asked our ERG leaders what they would like to share regarding their DEI journey at Arm.


Asian at Arm logo

"Being your authentic self is a long journey, but every step counts."

Global Chair of Asian@Arm

Black at Arm logo

"We teach our members and allies to be aware of their immediate and natural disposition to someone that doesn’t look, or act like them. To be inclusive, you must stop and think before taking action."

Global Co-Chair of Black@Arm

Disability at Arm logo

"It’s been a rewarding experience to learn more about DEI and unpack the topic of Disability, while sharing my experiences with ERG members and the wider Arm community about the issues that really matter."

Disability Committee Lead@Arm

Arm Neurodiversity logo

"I feel privileged to work with knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are committed to uplifting our neurodivergent community and intentionally creating a safe community where each colleague can reach their full potential."

Global Co-Chair of Neurodiversity@Arm

Pride at Arm logo

"No one should have to hide who they are in the workplace, as I used to. Being your true self in a safe space makes you thrive and bloom both as a professional and as a person."

Global Co-Chair of Pride@Arm

Unidos at Arm logo

"Our ERGs serve as a powerful resource in bringing people together, educating members and allies while deepening our personal awareness so that we can be our best selves."

Global Co-Chair of Unidos@Arm

Women at Arm logo

"It’s been an honor to help lead some of our DEI initiatives put in place to raise awareness, measure impact and deliver outcomes. I am a better person and more grounded by doing my part in integrating DEI into how we work at Arm."

US. Regional Co-Chair of Women@Arm

Rene Haas

At Arm, we solve complex problems. Getting better at solving problems and providing value to our partners are key to our success. Building a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem is the best way we can achieve new heights of creativity and innovation, enabling a better future for our changing world.

- Rene Haas, Chief Executive Officer

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