Unlimited Opportunities for an Intelligent IoT 

IoT is changing the world. Billions of IoT devices have the power to transform both human and digital decision making by automatically gathering and analyzing vast new sources of data. This can provide valuable help in solving complex issues, such as the impact of climate change, urban infrastructure decay, supply chain constraints, and healthcare access.


Arm offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the IoT market. Together with our vast software developer community and hardware ecosystem, we’re collaborating around critical IoT standards, supporting the frictionless deployment of secure endpoint-to-cloud solutions, and delivering impact at scale.

The future of IoT is here. A future built on Arm.

Discover the Huge Growth Potential Across IoT Segments 

Machine Learning

As more machine learning moves closer to the sensor, the growth potential is huge. This growth requires more compute capabilities in power- and energy-constrained devices with real-time processing, all backed by security and standards.

Computer Vision

Fast-growing companies are using innovations in computer vision to elevate the customer experience and create efficiencies. These AI-enabled vision devices bring together imaging, machine learning, security, and cloud enablement into one heterogeneous system.

Future of IoT Report

Discover your business potential today with the key trends and predictions for the future of IoT. Our recent survey report outlines the design and development trends around the world’s most rapidly growing market.

The Intersection of AI and IoT on Arm: A Conversation with Paul Williamson

Tune in to hear Paul Williamson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of IoT, Arm discuss the evolution of IoT, the growth opportunities across sectors, and the potential of IoT and AI to shape a more connected and intelligent world.

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Unleashing the Potential of the Internet of Things


Arm’s industry-leading product portfolio offers trusted solutions on a world-class architecture that enables partners to ship products globally and scale for market success. For instance, Arm Corstone offers a balance between flexibility for differentiation and consistency through software, standards, and security to help accelerate innovation. Furthermore, tools, training, and support with Arm IP Explorer, Arm Virtual Hardware, Arm Keil Studio, CMSIS, and more, provide a seamless development journey that enables developers to storyboard solutions before deployment and speed time-to-market.

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Markets Driving Transformative Innovation for the IoT

Arm’s intelligent and connected solutions are enabling new opportunities for partners across many industries.


An Ecosystem of Trust, Collaboration, and Innovation

Arm brings together a huge global ecosystem of technology partners who together, are unleashing the potential of IoT.

Arm partners form a strong, collaborative ecosystem for IoT solutions on Arm, addressing the breath of IoT applications and markets. Partners cover hardware, software, tools, and system integrations to help increase compatibility and software portability while reducing time to market.

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