Industry-leading Performance and Power Efficiency for Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure

Our first Armv9 infrastructure CPU, Neoverse N2 offers an incredible 40 percent IPC performance uplift over Neoverse N1, while retaining industry-leading performance-per-watt efficiency.

Dedicated cores offer a significant uplift in performance over traditional

Arm Neoverse’s use of dedicated cores provides:

  • Performance consistency – get what you pay for
  • Linear performance scalability – scale-up or scale-out
  • Improved security – no resource sharing between threads
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Features and Benefits

Cloud-to-Edge Scalability

Market-leading scalability and versatility that addresses a wide range of workloads from scale-out cloud to edge compute. In high core-count cloud applications, chip designers can deliver more than 128 threads per socket.

Performance for 5G and Scale-Out Cloud

A significant 40 percent performance increase over the Neoverse N1 CPU along with industry-leading power and area efficiency, and single-thread performance for scale-out cloud and 5G applications. 

Armv9 Features for Infrastructure

Uses Armv9 CPU for infrastructure and introduces key features for performance, power efficiency, and security: Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) version two (SVE2) and Memory Tagging Extension (MTE).

Neoverse N2 CPU Specs


The Arm Neoverse N2 CPU builds on the leading performance per watt capabilities of Neoverse N1 by increasing scalar performance by 40%.

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Key Documentation

Industry Solutions 

Performance that Spans Cloud to Edge


To deliver on performance and versatility, 5G requires a more complex and robust infrastructure. Arm delivers technology for building faster, low-latency 5G networks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud customers are experiencing improved price performance over comparable traditional architecture-based instances on a broad range of workload.

Edge Computing

The combination of leading performance with incredible power efficiency makes Neoverse N2 the perfect solution for power and space constrained edge use cases.

System IP Configurable for Many Applications


The highly scalable mesh is optimized for Armv9 and Armv8-A processors, multichip configurations, and CXL attached devices. It can be customized across a wide range of performance points. 


Arm SMMU v3.2 compliant MMU-700 is compatible with Arm v8.4 and v9 CPU’s. It enables virtualization in the Arm Secure World and QoS for IO traffic. MMU-700 is built for PCIe Gen5 BW.


GIC-700 hardware accelerates virtual interrupts to be delivered to virtual machines providing significant system performance improvement over Arm CoreLink GIC-600.