Secure Compute for a Cloud-Native Edge

By 2035, worldwide networks are expected to host and manage data streams from more than one trillion devices. Consequently, data is forecast to aggregate outside of data centers at an increasing rate, acting as valuable currency and framing the overall edge computing opportunity. To address that opportunity, the underlying network infrastructure is transforming from a hardware-centric, semi-automated mode of operation into one that is truly end-to-end software-defined and secure, remotely managed, and resilient. By consistently delivering on SLAs at-scale, it is also directly tied to realizing business intent.


The infrastructure edge encompasses all networks that connect IoT endpoints and devices through to the cloud, and is built up of a diverse array of platforms, including access points, switches, enterprise and residential gateways and routers, wireless LAN controllers, universal customer premise equipment, and more.

Effective Edge Computing Across Industries

Increasing compute and decreasing power consumption and maintenance costs of intelligent, interconnected, and interactive devices at the edge of the internet are creating massive opportunities to instrument our cities, factories, farms, and environment to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. Project Cassini enables the use of cloud-native technology and methodologies in edge environments to evaluate their effectiveness at addressing these opportunities at scale.

Smart Cities

Deploy varying sensor arrays across an entire city to measure temperature, pollution, traffic patterns and more. Data is analyzed with cloud-native technologies to improve quality of life.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 empowers business owners to enhance operational control and leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

Universal CPE

Customer premises equipment is becoming increasingly software driven to match stringent cost and performance objectives with seamless, fully automated software.

CPU Processors

Arm Technology for the Infrastructure Edge