A Revolution in High Performance Computing

The Neoverse V1 CPU is designed to deliver leading per-core performance on demanding HPC, HPC in the cloud and AI/ML-assisted workloads. Neoverse V1 is also the first Neoverse processor to include Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) for maximum vector performance, HPC code re-use, and longevity.

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Features and Benefits

Performance Uplift of 50% and Vector Flexibility

Delivers an incredible 50 percent IPC performance uplift over the Neoverse N1 core thanks to a new micro-architecture designed for maximum per-core performance.

Scalable Vector Extension

Includes two 256b SVE vector units, doubling the integer and floating-point execution capability of Neoverse N1 per core for better HPC and AI/ML performance. SVE was invented in collaboration with Fujitsu for the Fugaku project and enables vector-width agnostic programming. SVE enables code execution of vectors ranging from 128b to 2048b wide on Neoverse V1 without requiring recompilation.

Built for Balanced Systems Performance

Enables the deployment of high-bandwidth DDR5 and HBM2e/3 memory systems to unlock the full performance of Neoverse V1 cores. Designers can augment core performance with custom or third-party accelerators connected over the flexible CMN-700 interconnect.

Neoverse V1 CPU Specs


The Arm Neoverse V1 CPU ushers in a new performance tier to the Neoverse product portfolio.

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Key Documentation

Industry Solutions

Performance that Spans Cloud to Edge

High Performance Computing (HPC)

HPC researchers are exploring the scale-out performance of Neoverse architectures on computational fluid dynamics, medical research, oil & gas exploration and other computationally demanding workloads.

Cloud Computing

More customers are shifting their workloads in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Genomics, Oil & Gas, and EDA to the cloud. Arm Neoverse offers excellent performance throughput and value.

Artificial Intelligence

Neoverse V-Series are the best Arm cores for accelerating AI/ML-assisted workloads, helping keep specialized computing resources fed quickly with data.

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