Optimize Interconnect Configurations for Best Performance

Arm Interconnect Performance Models are fast and accurate models for deep performance analysis and architectural exploration. Through using Interconnect Performance Models, you can optimally configure an Interconnect for the target workload. These are only available as part of Arm Success Kits.

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Features and Benefits 

Fast and Accurate
  • Build better products with fast and accurate modeling of Arm Interconnect technologies.
  • Optimize the Interconnect configuration and explore new architecture features to achieve the best design for your target workload.
  • Performance behavior from the models that closely match that of the Interconnect RTL, with simulation speeds between 10x and 100x, and accuracy between 80% and 95%.
Better Decisions Earlier
  • Reduce risk of expensive silicon re-spins.
  • Architectural exploration, workload optimization and deep performance analysis far earlier in the design lifecycle, with quick turnaround times.
  • Make informed design decisions sooner, so you can reach your design goals faster.
Virtual Prototyping
  • Accelerate time to market with virtual prototypes.
  • Create, analyze, and refine System-on-Chip (SoC) ready Interconnect configurations in hours rather than days.
  • Models are available for CMN and NI Interconnects, alongside seamless integration with Arm Socrates and Synopsys Platform Architect.

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Learn how Interconnect Performance Models as part of Arm Success Kits can accelerate your SoC development.

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