Reduce the Time to Select, Configure and Create Arm IP

Arm Socrates helps significantly reduce the time to select, configure and create Arm IP that is error free and ready for SoC integration. Modern system interconnects are highly configurable IP blocks that need to connect across multiple power and voltage domains to maximize SoC connectivity. Arm Socrates streamlines this process by guiding architects and designers through the creation of an optimized and viable CoreLink interconnect. Only available as part of an Arm Success Kit.

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Features and Benefits

Streamlined Selection

Socrates enables Arm IP exploration and discovery in one place. It includes the Arm IP Catalog, which allows designers to explore hundreds of different IPs and review top-level technical details to help select the right option the first time.

Reduce Risk

Arm Socrates helps system designers select and intelligently configure Arm IP, reducing the time to achieve integration ready IP. Hardware, software, and verification teams get the system performance they expect - through Arm IP that is configured, built, and integrated right first time.

Increased Efficiency

Socrates contains built in support for most of the scripting languages needed to configure these IPs, freeing the user from the installation process and, saving many hours of effort and productivity.

Discover Socrates

Arm has created a series of videos to help designers and architects get the most out of Socrates. From installation, to configuration and creation, each video guides users through the Socrates process to help streamline SoC development journeys.

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Learn how Socrates as part of Arm Success Kits can accelerate your SoC and software development.

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