Develop Software without Hardware

Develop Software Ahead of Hardware Availability Using Arm Fast Models

Fast Models are functionally accurate programmer’s view models of Arm CPU and System IP so you can develop software targeting the latest Arm IP well before hardware implementations are available. They also add value as easily deployable and automatable targets for continuous integration and validation.

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Features and Benefits
Functionally Accurate

Fast Models are developed and tested alongside Arm IP, providing a highly accurate and validated virtual prototypes for software development. Fast Models are ideal for low-level software development such as OS kernels and device drivers.

Complete and Extensible

Fast Models support very detailed implementations of Arm IP, including co-processor registers, exception levels, translation tables, and cache. Their SystemC interfaces enable integration with third party models as virtual SoC prototypes.

Fully Debuggable

The Fast Models debug interface enables a virtual connection to the models which are supported by many debug vendors. This interface enables a debug experience consistent between hardware and software targets without changing your debug tools.

Scalable and Automatable

Scripting interfaces to Arm Fast Models make them easily automatable and the perfect choice for continuous integration and for use in validation farms. Virtual prototypes are easier to scale and maintain than their hardware counterparts.

White Paper

The Power of Virtual Prototyping: From SoC Design to Software Development

Software-based methodologies for virtual prototypes help prove designs earlier, and let companies start parallel hardware and software development.

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