Performance Profiling and Optimization on Arm Neoverse CPUs

Arm Streamline CLI Tools help uncover sources of performance problems on Arm Neoverse systems, linked back to functions in source code or dependencies. Designed for performance-sensitive applications and libraries written in C, C++, Rust, and Go, developers can use the Streamline profiler to optimize database technology, web servers, and interpreter runtimes to optimize performance on the Arm architecture.

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Features and Benefits

Targeted Feedback on Software Performance 

Profiling workloads on Neoverse presents high-level metrics categorized according to key phases of CPU behavior. These metrics help you to ensure your code is efficiently utilizing the hardware, and where your software algorithms could reduce redundant processing or use vectorization.

Deployment to Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy profiling tools directly to the cloud to sample performance during testing. The Streamline tool uses efficient sampling to reduce the volume of data needed to support attribution of performance to functions in code.

Integrate and Analyze Metrics on the Cloud

Captured data is analyzed on the server and summarized into easy-to-use performance reports, making further local analysis on the development machine simple and lightweight. Visualize the output or integrate the data into custom monitoring workflows.

How to Profile with Streamline CLI Tools

Introducing Streamline CLI Tools

Read how Streamline CLI Tools can help you extract high-quality performance data from Neoverse systems.

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Discover how to use Streamline CLI Tools to capture and analyze application performance data.

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Additional Utilities for Porting and Performance Optimization on Neoverse

Arm and our partners provide additional utilities for Linux applications on Neoverse:


System capability reporting tool for Linux systems, providing insight into which performance capabilities and tools are available on the system, and how to improve the system configuration for performance analysis.

Topdown Tool

Basic whole-application performance reporting tool using the same top-down metrics as the Streamline CLI Tools for quick measurements of simple workloads.

Porting Advisor for Graviton

Analyze source code for known code patterns and library dependencies to identify incompatibilities with AWS Graviton processors. The porting advisor also provides suggestions for recommended versions for runtimes and libraries.