A New Milestone for High-Performance Microcontrollers

Arm Cortex-M85 is the highest performing Cortex-M processor with Arm Helium technology and provides the natural upgrade path for Cortex-M based applications that require significantly higher performance and increased security. In addition to Arm TrustZone technology, Cortex-M85 brings new security and safety capabilities, providing the highest level of protection for Cortex-M to date. This makes it ideal for connected and safety critical applications.

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Features and Benefits

Highest Scalar, DSP, and ML Performance

Cortex-M85 integrates Arm Helium technology to deliver the highest scalar, DSP, and ML performance of the Cortex-M series of processors.

Simplify Software Development

Cortex-M85 removes the need to use complex multicore or heterogeneous platforms, simplifying software architecture, development, test, and debug.

Faster Route to Security Certification

PACBTI offers enhanced software attack threat mitigation, easing the journey to achieve PSA Certified Level 2, which is becoming the baseline for IoT deployments.

Accelerating and Optimizing IoT Design Cycles with Arm Solutions and Technologies

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the IoT endpoint is expanding and defining more use cases than ever before, changing how we interact with devices and machines everywhere. Cortex-M85 integrates dual-beat Helium technology to deliver a multi-fold DSP and ML performance uplift over its predecessor.

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Architecture and Technologies

A Foundation of Silicon Success  

Explore the architecture and technologies that support the Cortex-M85 processor.